Itchy Itchy Itchy N Hit With Fatigue AGAIN

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Sovi - January 17

i just hit 14 weeks and for the past week and a half, my br___ts and abdomen have been itchy. i know this means the skin is starting to stretch, but what do you recommend to ease the itchiness? besides that, did anyone become fatigue all over again. i was fatigued from about 7 to 11 weeks, then it stopped, only getting quickly burnt out if i walked a lot. but now i don't feel like doing anything. i'm once again tired. anyone??? thanks


jeni23 - January 17

i have the same problem,my doc says its because my iron levels are dropping.


jeni23 - January 17

as for the skin,i have bad dry skin all the time,i just use american fare aloe vera lotion,and palmers cocob___ter.


jodie - January 17

Hi sovi, I agree with jeni, palmers coco b___ter feels nice on itchy skin. I bought the kind for prego bellies...and it smells good too!! I am not looking forward to stretch marks this time around. I got hit hard last time!!! They have finally faded away so you can barely see them and here we go again. I am sure they will be back in full force again...ughh!


suze42 - January 17

i do too Sovi. I get short of breath easily...I looked it up in my "what to expect" book and it says thats normal in the 4th month....something to do w/hormones. Im pooped


suze42 - January 17

I have spray coco oil I got at Target. I spray it on my belly and back every day after I shower. It feels good and smells good too. Winter is hell on my skin...


LinsTwin - January 18

Hi Sovi, I'm almost 25 wks, and all I can say for the fatigue is... the same with non-pregnancy fatigue: Exercise. The more active you are, the more you'll keep your energy up. Also, on another "itchy" thread, some people have had success with Eucerin, which they said you can get at Target. Here's my suggestion from that last thread: "If the Eucerin doesn't work, you might try Palmers stretch mark cream mixed with Neutrogena light sesame body oil. You can get both at Target or any old drug store, cheap. I was using the Palmers to prevent stretch marks, and my friend who's had twins suggested the light sesame oil combo. It totally takes the stink out of the Palmers cream, and my skin is so soft! I had been having very itchy elbows and shins, so I started putting the mixture there, too, and the itchiness has completely disappeared. And be careful about scratching so much. I've heard it can cause the stretch marks. Good luck!"


lily10 - January 18

Sovi, Try the palmers coco spray for itchy pregnant skin.


excited2bemama - January 18

Definately try the Eucerin CREAM (not the lotion) My Doc recommended it for the itchies and it helps alot!!! I find Aveeno helps with my flaky skin too.


jessicaspatherapist - January 18

lol...i'm 13 weeks b___sts, abdomen and bum and lower back have been sooooooooo itchy! i think it makes it worse that its chilly outside and very dry weather here in Southern California. exfoliating in the shower with some sort of scrub is really good for that and its good for prevention of stretch marks (according to my esthitician friends!)



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