Itiching During Pregnancy

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Ruwanthi - July 31

I am in my 37th week pregnant and I have an itichness especially in the nights. I told my doctor re. this and he wanted me to do a liver profile test which was normal. But my itchiness has still not stopped. Please advise ?


ann - May 10

i've read that it is quite normal. i'm at thirteen wks right now, but definitely have itchiness, especially on my b___sts.


Paige - May 26

I itch all the time. Especially my stomach & my b___sts.


rita - July 19

i also itch on my b___st and hips and everywhere else. ive been told its stretching


Brandy - July 31

Hi, I am 21 weeks now- with no itchiness. However, when I was pregnant with my son, I was so itchy at the end of my pregnancy....but it was weird- it was my feet and hands. It was so severe I could not sleep- I thought I was going crazy. I think my doctor had me take benadryl- due to the severity. Be sure to check with your doctor prior to taking any medications...and good luck!


April - December 3

I am 30 weeks and I can relate! The itching is driving me crazy!!! I scratch myself until I bleed sometimes. If you find a cure, please let me know. The dandelion root thing might work for you. I can't use it though. Good luck!!!


Reb - December 7

Itchy b___sts and legs! My dermatologist recommended a lotion called Sarna, which seems to help a little, but it smells like bug killer. I put it on at night and then layer a nice smelling lotion on my hands, hoping I won't smell the yucky stuff on my b___sts. Also, I am taking not so hot showers and slathering on a normal lotion after that, which has seemed to help alot.


holli - December 13

u are itchy b/c ur skin is stretching...thats normal...its funny because im always scratching my belly.


Christine - December 13

Yeah its most likely caused by your skin stretching...I know with my second my belly itched soooo bad...everyone told me not to itch but I did anyways...I have some awful stretchmarks now...try to use lots of lotion..and make sure it is a safe kind..not all are...and dont itch...unless you dont care about the stretch helps bring them out..good luck


Ann - January 8

I am in my 31st week and I can relate to this issue so well.The iticihness began in my 29th week, sleepless nights, sometimes the bruises even bleeds.It's severe under the brests and just below the tummy. LFT was normal and to see this site was a great relief.


Sabrina - January 8

Drink more water! If you don't drink enough, your body will take it from other places to give to the baby. One place that is rich is water is your skin. While the stretching aggrevates it, your body id trying to tell you you are dehydrated.


Rosa - June 8

I am 29 weeks pregnant and have started to itch terribly, especially in the groin area and inner thighs, although the itching is spreading. I was prescribed topical creams but I can't trust them. What do you think?



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