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Katie - December 12

Went to my first u/s today and found out Im having a boy which is what we wanted and we are so excited! Im confused though the u/s said I was 19 weeks and 6 days and I thought I was 19 weeks and 4 days according to my lmp. So which one is it? And when do you think I concieved? My due date is May 5th according to my lmp and my doctor but my doctor said that the due date doesn't need to change.


erin - December 12

Congratulations on your boy! I think ultrasounds determine how many weeks you are by the size of the baby. So if perhaps your baby is slightly larger or smaller than average, the date will change. But 4 days and 6 days is such a minor difference that it's nothing to worry about. They probably wouldn't actually change your due date unless the difference was weeks off what you thought.


Heather L - December 12

Hey atleast it was only 2 days off. I went in for my first u/s and we thought (me and the dr.) that I was 17.5 wks. and the u/s said I was only 12.5. It was like doing a whole month OVER a second time. *ugh* I am now 20 wks and have my 2nd u/s on Thursday!


to Katie - December 13

2 days is nothing. If it's your first baby, you'll more than likely have your baby 1-2 weeks later than the estimated due date anyway. And as agonizing as that may seem at the time to deal with, none of us will really remember a year from now that we had to wait a few extra days.


Katie - December 13

So when did I concieve him?


Camilla - December 13

Katie, it would be impossible to say when exactly you conceived him. It is totally normal that u/s and due date might vary. 2 days is pretty much nothing. All it probably means that the baby is 2 days larger than the 'average' baby at that point. But a 2 day difference is so minimal, and that is why there is no reason to change any due date. My baby has been a couple of days bigger all along, but I know for sure when I ovulated, so it really doesn't change a thing. Going by your lmp doesn't tell you when you actually conceived either, since this calculation is just based on a woman ovulating 14 days into her cycle. And that obviously varies from woman to woman. You could have ovulated (conceived) 12 days into your cycle, or 16 days into your cycle, who knows. It is just a guideline. As somebody pointed out, babies are rarely born on their 'due' date anyway. Are you worried about when you conceived?


Katie - December 13

Yes I just hope it was after August 1st do you think it was?


Helly - December 13

I'm 15 weeks - due 8 June - you probably conceived about 12 August! don't panic it must be your husband/boyfriends - that's obviously why you are panicking!!


Camilla - December 13

Yes, looks like you would have conceived after August 1st. I know I conceived July 31st, and I am now 21 weeks 2 days. You are about 10 days behind me, so I would say conception happened a number of days after it did with me. Of course sperm can live a number of days, so conception isn't always equal to date of having s_x! But sperm usually doesn't last longer than 3 days or so. If you didn't have s_x with anyone else after August 1st, you'd be fine. I'm guessing Holly could be about right, that you'd have ovulated between the 10th/12th of August, thereabouts anyway.


KATIE - December 13

Thanks for your help I really appreciate it!



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