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gina94124 - May 17

okay so those who read my last posting of "mothers instinct" i was COMPLETELY WROONNNG!!!!! LoL!! omg i was soooo surprised & shocked i couldnt believe it! my Bf on the other hand couldnt stop cheesin and tearing up He is the ONLY** person who wanted us to have a girl..everyone else said BOY. just cuase i havent had ANY morning sickness or nausea..its been going so smooth. im soo excited..but i wasnt prepared for her. LoL i had boy names picked out...i had dreams of me & my BOY..and now...its A GIRLL!!! yaaaaaay! i kept asking the lady "ARE YOU SURE???" "CAN U CHECK AGAIN PLEASE??" LOL she was sucking her thumb, grabbing her feet, waving kicking and even smiling! it was sooo really made my day!


october2008mommy - May 18

YEA!!! Congratulations on your beautiful baby by girl!:) I find out if I'm having a boy or girl on Wednesday 5/21. It is too exciting!!!!!


TraceyC - May 19

congrats on the girl. i don't find out mine until June 26th x


alirenee86 - May 21

That's so exciting, congrats!! So much fun when it's such an unexpected surprise like that too!! We were the exact opposite...everyone swore it was a girl including my hubby, then found out it's a boy and we're so excited. So exciting to find out! Oc tober Mommy and TraceyC, keep us posted!


CatsMommy - May 30

Congrats, Gina!! That's so exciting! I have a little girl who is almost 4 and she is such a delight - my little best friend! Once a month, we have a "mini-spa" day , we do mani's and pedi's - it's a blast! I just found this morning that we're having a boy - YAY!! I'm almost 21wks. I'm so used to my little girl, I'm not sure what to do with this little boy! Congrats to you!!


TRACCY - May 31

catsmommy my first child was a girl and i felt like you OMG what am i going to do with a baby boy..Well baby boys are awesome...OMG there is nothing like a bond between her mother and her son so enjoy and congrats..............u can always have a mini spa day with a boy if you want to drive him crazy lol


TRACCY - May 31

omg dont get me wrong i love my daughter she is the best most caring kid in the world..........she is amazing but sometimes i want to beat her ..she is 15 lol


cbol22 - June 2

I just found out that I am having a girl to!!!! We are soooo excited. Hubby did want a boy but now he can't stop talking about her.


HeatherIsHopeful - June 2

cbol22, congrats hon!! My hubby wanted a boy at first too (he is the only boy in his family and he wants to carry on the family name and all that) but even though he wanted a boy we cannot imagine NOT having a girl now... she already has daddy wrapped around her little finger lol.



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