Its A Girl Dr Was Uncertain Should I Ask For Another U S

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Martha2007 - March 9

I am just back from my 20 week scan, Doctor said looks like a girl. He was not certain. he said it is not 100% sure. But the good news is that everything is healthy. Baby was very active and coperative. Doctor did not even show me the portion in between the legs, He just saw like a minute and said look like a girl. I am very happy to know baby is healthy. Should I ask for another u/s to be certain of the gender? I want to know s_x before the delivery. Will I have another scan at 7th month?or should I request to have one?


Tammy276 - March 9

unless you go somewhere and pay for the u/s, most doctors will not give you another u/s just to be certain of the gender.....Most often, all doctors say it is not 100% certain because of liability and if they say they are 100% sure and it ends up being the opposite gender, they could get sued....Our u/s tech told us he was 90% sure it was a girl, so we are taking it as a girl...would I like to verify w/ another u/s, yes, but I'm not going to bug my doctor about it.


sdillon78 - March 9

My doctor would not tell me 100% either, he just said that it was 90% they never want to say 100% because they could be wrong, but he is probably right....unless your husband is lacking in that area and he would be really small....they should be able to see something if it was a


kimberly - March 9

You can ask but unless your insurance will cover I doubt you will be able to. With my first I just had the 20 week scan and then one at 25 weeks but that one was just b/c I had a low lying placenta, they normally won't do that. With my second I had one at 9 weeks, 20 weeks, and 36 weeks to see position of the baby, not sure if that was routine or if he just wanted to make sure he was head down.


Martha2007 - March 9

thanks everyone. that was funny sdillon. but my husband is a big Dr might be right. I just wanted to know for sure.


MNMOM - March 9

You can try to talk them into another scan, but they won't just indulge you for the sake of gender identification. Also they almost never tell you they are "100% sure" - they have to cover their bases!!!


Shannon - March 10

well, he's never gonna be totally positive and you might have to pay with your own money to get another one done. and i've heard that doctors don't usually like to do too many because there's some debate about whether or not the ultrasound could potentially damage the baby's hearing. honestly, i'd just trust that it was a girl and go start buying pink stuff. but keep the tags and reciepts, just in case! i was told with my first baby 60-70% sure it was a girl and she was :)


lily10 - March 10

The tech who did my ultrasound said that she was 90% sure we were having a girl. So be sure to keep the receipts to all the clothes just in case. I don't think they will give you another ultra sound just for gender purposes. When the tech told me she was 90% sure I asked if I could count on that and she said that she has never been wrong...



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