January 06 Mamas Feeling Cotractions Already

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Linda - September 8

Ladies!! Just wondered if any of you ladies felt those braxton hicks contraction yet? I don't know if it's that, or if so, is it suppose to come this time? Am I alone? It feels like Tightening around the stretch of the belly button area till the uterus hardens and pops out a lil. Then for bout 5secs later it eases up and returns to jello state( lol,. my tummie are is not that firm) It's painless for me, jus feels like the uterus tightened. Is this the so called the Braxton Hicks cont? (or am I in a situation?) Thanks.


Shavone - September 9

Hey Linda! Well I'm 20 weeks pregnant right now, due January 22, 2006, and I'm not sure if we are feeling the same thing, but I don't think its Braxton Hicks. I feel a tightening in my stomach, but the doctor said that it can be the muscels stretching in your abnomen that causes the tightness. Quick question.....I'm going to be 21 weeks on September 11, and so far I have only gained 3 pounds (I'm overweight) is that normal???


Linda - September 9

Hi Shavone! It probably is the muscles huh. Cos iI'm 23weeks along and my uterus is 1.5inches ablove my belly b___ton. Strange to have "contractions" below that line then..hmm.. Thanks! Hey. You know, I have 2colleagues. 1 who's of pet_te frame. She gained only 3pounds when she was 25weeks along. I have another colleague that just delivered 6months back. She too is overweight. The strange thing (for me) was she only put on less than 10pounds for the whole term! I think you could be heading that way too. Her gynae told her that it was acceptable. Weight increase varies from individual to individual. As long as mother and baby's health is in good shape then the weight is second concern.Its just a guide.=) Chill girl. Just ask yourself if you have been good to your little angel. (as in eat sooo nutritiously) If you have been trying to do so or have been doin so., then dun count the calories too strictly=) I'm sure you'll do fine. Really. Hope this helps.


Rachel. R - September 9

im due january 16th.. so im 22 weeks almost.. I have been feeling them. Doc told me thats them.. they feel kind of like period pains... But thats definately them.. they start around 5-5and a half months


Sara - September 9

I'v been feeling the same thing for about the last 2 weeks too.They feel really uncomfortable when I get them while im sitting down, but they're painless for me. Doctor told me they're braxton hicks.


Linda - September 10

Hi Rachel, Sara, Thanks! Its painless for me. Just that you can feel your below the belly b___ton stretch suddenly hardens and the inside becomes TAUGHT. That's it no pain. Well if its really so, then its kindda scary right. Seems like our body is already preparing itself for the huge mission! Thanks ladies =)


christy - September 11

I'm due jan 6th and have been feeling them off and on since 15 weeks...but this is my 3rd pregnancy. I think that might make a difference.


GD - September 11

Me too, i am due January 03 and have been feeling them for a couple of weeks now.. you are right Linda they just last for a few seconds and then everything comes back to normal..i don't feel any pain either just the tightening and that is it...


Linda - September 11

GD- Thanks for the rea__surance girl. Appreciate it =)


nicnac - September 12

Hi all, i am due January 20th. It's the first baby for my husband and I. We are having a girl. I am 21 weeks and i have been having tightening below the belly b___ton and i am not sure if they are braxton hicks contractions or not. i am a little nervous about that. My baby is 10oz and so far i have gained 20lbs. Yikesssss!!!!! Has anyone else felt these contractions below the belly?


Bella - September 12

Hey Rachel! I'm due Jan 16th too! Anyways, I haven't felt these contractions yet...maybe cause their painless, and I'm still preoccupied with feeling the first baby's kicks and movements.


Chila - September 13

Hi Linda! It's funny that I happened to see your thread today because as I was sitting here at my desk.. I felt this tightening at my belly. At first I thought it was the baby moving.. but then it got tighter and tighter like a balloon was expanding.. and then all of a sudden it went away. It was a little uncomfortable but not too painful. I wonder if that was the Baxton Hicks contractions for me? I'm 23 wks prego today! It was interesting, that's for sure. Hey have you begani charting your baby's kicks/movements. My little boy seems to be moving and kicking a lot at about the same time after breakfast, after lunch, and in the afternoon after a snack. He also likes to move a lot aruond 11:30pm. I like the consistency.. :-)


MJM - September 13

I am 23w and have been having braxton hicks for 3 weeks or so now. My whole uterus tightens and a little while later goes back to the norm. Sometimes it is a little painful but not usually.


Selena - September 14

I have been feeling the same thing for the last 2 weeks roughly. This is my first pregnancy(having a girl) and I am 24 weeks(due Jan 1st). So far they have all been painless just an uncomfortable tightening sensation that happens 3 or 4 times a day. Oddly enough during s_x the other night after I had the big O my stomach got so rock hard and didn't let up for more than a minute. It was a very uncomfortable end to what should have been great if ya know what I mean!



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