January 2006 Babies

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Chila - Dallas, TX - September 5

Hi Ladies. My name is Chila. I am 22 weeks prego. Expecting my 1st child. My due date is January 8th. I found out at 16 weeks that I'm having a boy and got confirmation again at my 20 wk & 21 wk u/s. The baby weighs about 1 lb they said. I think that's pretty big already! I've gained about 16 lbs so far. I'm well into the maternity wear. I think I started showing earlier than most women. Just wanted to start a thread for all you ladies that are due around the same time. Also wondering if any of you have noticed that your belly button looks funny now a days and it feels like its getting ready to pop out.


Linda - September 6

Hi Chila, its my 1st baby too. I am in my 22nd week and due 5th Jan 06. =) Also have gained 16lbs and baby is big for its gestational age =) so my doc told me to start watching the sugars and carbs if i dun want to have a C sect done. I was told i be havin a baby girl. How about you? do you know the gender of your baby yet? How do you feel about this whole pregnancy thing now that your this far along=)


Linda - September 6

sorry... didn't remember what i read. so you be havin a boy. congrats to you =) Yeah, the belly b___ton seems like its ready to spill out for me too. have you developed the dark line down the center of your lower ab? I was expecting to see mine but i havent got it yet. Jus alot of hair around the whole tummy =)


Lenore - September 6

Hey, I am 23 weeks due Jan 2nd and I have gained about 18 pounds. I have a doctor's appt this week and will find out how big my baby boy is, but at my 20 week appt he was already 1 pound. I am feeling great and have been showing for some time. good luck to everyone.


LRK - September 6

Hi ladies! This is my first baby. I should squeeze into January--due on the 30th. I have gained around 13 lbs so far, at week 20. I think I had a little gut to begin with, so the baby just pushed it up and out early, so I am definitely showing. Waiting for the belly b___ton to pop! I have had an innie for 31 years--wonder what life as an outie will be like!


Wanda - September 6

Hi Ladies- This is also my first child. Im 23 wks today and I'm due Jan 4th. Im also having a boy--looks like a lot of boys for 2006. So far I've gained 13 lbs and I'm pretty big for 23 wks..The baby weighed 10 oz at 20wks- I guess that's normal. I too have noticed some hair growth around my belly- but my belly b___ton has not popped and it doesnt look like it will. So far everything has been going ok, except for now I have high blood pressure. Good Luck ladies!!!!!! Looks like we're going to have a busy 2006!!


channel - September 6

I am due Jan 30th with my first. Very excited. Ultrasound on the 14th - will they be able to tell me the s_x? We are VERY anxious to find out!


Yvette - September 6

I will be 20 weeks in three days. This is my first due January 27th. I go for my ultrasound on the 13th. Hopefully they will be able to tell me what I am having. I have a belly ring and I haven't noticed my belly b___ton popping out although I've noticed a great deal of hair....ILLLLLL


Chrissy - September 6

I am 20 weeks pregnant. I have a dark line on my tummy and my belly b___ton seems to be slowly popping out. People have been noticing my belly more too. This is my husband and I's first child as well. We get another Ultrasound next week to confirm if baby is a boy or girl!!!! At 17 weeks I gained a total of 6 pounds but I have been really hungry lately so im sure at the next appointment I will gain the correct amount, mayber more!! I do feel the baby move!!!! Linda I wouldn't want a C section either. My mom had two and she told me how she couldn't walk upstairs and do normal things she could have done. Chila....thanks for starting this thread!!


Jenny M. - September 6

Hi everyone! I'm glad to see so many of us. I'm due January 21st. I'm in the middle of my 20th week and feeling great. We're having a little boy, our first. I am showing a little, but have not developed a line nor do I feel my belly b___ton wanting to pop out. My mom and sister did not experience either of these things, so maybe I won't either. I "think" I've felt him move, but nothing definate yet. I'm getting kinda anxious to feel that first definate kick or punch. The baby weighed 7 ounces at 18 weeks. I'm going in for another ultrasound in 10 days. Strange question, but what was the length of your cervix at your ultrasound? Mine was only 2.7 cm which is why they want me to come in for another ultrasound.


MJM - September 6

I am 22w with #2 and it is a boy. I see the dr tomorrow to discuss u/s that I had at 18w. We are very excited. This will be our last baby. i am showing and am short of breath alot. We are due Jan 10th ish. Good luck to all


Lenore - September 6

Hi Jenny, my cervix measured 3.3 at my 20 week appt. make sure they keep a close watch on your cervix!!


Chila - September 6

Hi Ladies! So happy to hear from you all! It's so neat to share similar symptoms. Linda, I noticed last month there is a light-dark line from my belly to my pubic bone.. and seems to get darker every week! Oh.. and yeh, I also have a hairy belly...eek. I forgot to mention that the reason I did a u/s back to back was because I have placenta previa. Which means my placenta is very low near my cervix. They wanted to check me again at 21 wk to see if it has moved up. If it doesn't move up, I may need a C-section and could possibly have the baby early. My sister had the same thing.. and midway through her pregnancy her placenta moved up and then towards the end it moved back down causing bleeding and she resulted in a C-section 2 wks early. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The baby has been very active tonight.. like he's doing kickboxing in there.. heehee. My hubby said he saw my belly move a few times.. I think the baby had hick-ups! For those that were wondering about the gender determination.. my ultrasoundographer was able to tell me the babys gender at my 16wk visit, so I'm sure at your 18-20wk visit you'll be able to find out, so long as the baby cooperates. Well, heading to bed for now.. will check back on ya'll again soon! Take care of yourself and your little bump!


RM - September 6

Hello Everyone! I too am 23 weeks (see Lenore!) and due on Jan. 2/06. I have gained about 12 pounds to date but probably started at about - 10 to -15 due to some nasty nausea. I still don't have a "normal" appet_te and have to constantly remind myself to eat for the baby. Normally, I love food - love to shop, cook, bake and eat! No changes to belly or belly b___ton yet. I can still wear some of my regular clothes - wore my first maternity top on Sunday as it is a summer top that I bought on sale and didn't think it was going to get any use. I will probably have to shop for pants & underwear very soon as it feels like baby is growing. I had an ultrasound at 21 weeks and we were not able to find out the s_x of the baby but were OK with that - we just want a healthy baby. Interesting point - our ultrasound technician told us that many women have told her that it is "easier" to go through labour when you don't know the s_x of the baby as you have a surprise waiting for you. I'm not sure if anything makes labour easier (this will be my first time) but I thought that her comments were worth pa__sing on. Hope you are all doing well!


jen - September 7

I am 21 weeks with my second baby girl. I wanted to comment about the labor will be easier if you don't know the s_x statement. I knew that I was having a girl and I couldn't wait to meet her. It made me feel just a little closer to her to know a little bit about her. Labor is labor. We've all heard the stories. People love to scare pregnant women with their "you just wait" stories but the fact is that women have been doing it forever and we will all be fine. I have been lucky enough to have extreme morning (ha) sickness with both pregnancies and I swear I would rather give birth 12 times than vomit daily for 4 months. But I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who will disagree. Good luck to everyone. Anyone having leg cramps at night? Mine are starting up but they aren't too bad yet.


Sara - September 7

Hi everyone, my name is Sara. Im due January 8th. I am now 22 weeks. Unfortunatly I wasn't able to find out for sure the s_x of my baby. I was 17 weeks when I had it done and the tech said it looked like a girl but it could be a boy. But I have a feeling its a girl. Would be my 2nd girl if its. I do want to have another ultrasound to find out for sure but my doctor won't send me, so i've been looking for a place that does 3d ultrasounds but I havent found one. ): I live in palm beach, fl.


Jenny M. - September 7

Thanks Lenore. I am trying to make sure they are keeping on top of it. The doctor seems to think it is just my body type and not an incompetent cervix, but of course we won't know that for sure until the next ultrasound on the 15th. I am trying not to worry until then!



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