January Baby

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Coco - July 23

Is anybody due around January 20th? This is my 3rd and final baby. Stil scared.


hab - July 23

hey!! yes, this is my first and im due january 11th so not too far from u!! atleast uve experienced this b4, im terrified about everything, from labour to b___stfeeding to raising a child n everything in between...:S:S ... i jus try to relax.. goodluck!!


Coco - July 23

Thanks and good luck to you too. It's so different everytime and I don't think we will ever stop being terrified.(The labor part especially). Where are you from?


Jessica - July 23

I am due Jan 8th with my first pregnancy, second child (I have an adopted son from Korea). I have been very nervous this whole pregnancy. I feel somewhat better about the whole baby thing because of my little boy at home but my children will only be about 11 months apart so I am worried about having two little ones at home. I will find out in a few weeks what I am having. Thinking pink but will be thrilled either way! (Just blessed to finally conceive)


Sara - July 23

I'm due January 8th. with my 2nd.I'm excited to find out what im having. I'll find out what i'm having August 2nd.


Hanna - July 24

Hi! I am due on January 20th also. This is my first baby and I definitely am anxious and a little scared.. this being my first child I don't know what to expect and I still wonder every now and then if this is really going to happen.. ridiculous, isn't it? Goodluck to you!


Coco - July 25

Congrats! I had my first baby at 17 and had no clue as to how to be a mother. I've gotten better over the years, but it is still very new. It's always something different that comes up and you have to think "Ok, how am I supposed to do this?" I know that 2 kids were pretty much all that I could handle and now that I am on number three, I think I might be a little overwhelmed when the next little one arrives. Their father is great and cool under pressure. I hope he stays that way. Ha Ha!


Hanna - July 25

How old are your other two kids? It must be great to know that you are experienced.. and have survived your first kids!! (lol) ..and with such a cool dad.. nothing can go wrong, right? I don't know what kind of a dad my partner will be. I'm sure he'll be very proud of his child, that's for sure. It is so nice to see his excitement about this pregnancy! He is way more relaxed than I am though..


cindy - July 25

Hi Jinx, My due date is the 20th Jan. This is my second baby and my fourth pregnancy


Lia - July 26

This is our first. I'm due Jan 19th! I'm so excited. I had a difficult 1st Tri. It's getting a little better. I'm just looking forward to the next couple of weeks when I'll get to feel the baby kick. I'm trying to enjoy the small milestones!


Emma - July 26

Hi, I'm due on January 11th and this is my first pregnancy. 16 weeks and it still hasn't sunk in yet. It still seems very surreal! I'm looking forward to becoming a parent for the first time but I am terrified of the Labour. My partner whom is very supportive in every other way regarding becoming a parent does not want to be there at the birth. He said he wants to be like his own father as he was not there at his birth and he and claims that he is just an old fashioned guy and the birth is no place for a man to be? I feel really upset about this. I really feel I want him by my side when I give birth? Am I asking too much of him? I can of course ask my mother to be there, but no offence to her, I really feel that this is such a significant time in our lives that it should be my partner beside me. Does anyone else have the same dilemma?


Raychel - July 26

Hi! I'm due Jan 6th, find out what it is on August 10th. This is my first, I'm getting married in 2 weeks down in Ft. Jackson, wish me luck!


C1 - July 26

This is my second pregnancy (miscarried with my first in Jan 05). I'm due on/around 30 Jan. I was very scared in the beginning. Had complications. But for now...things seem to be progressing nicely...but I'm still scared :-) Good luck!!!


ambertane - July 26

hey this is my first baby and i am do January 15th!! :)


MJM - July 26

dr says i am due Jan 14 but the sono shows the 10th. this is #2 for me and hoping for a boy :)


Hanna - July 26

So many of us expecting in January! Congratulations to you all! Emma, I fortunately don't have to deal with that situation as my partner absolutely wants to be there when it happens, but I completely understand you being upset! I think I would be downright angry if my partner told me he didn't want to be there! Isn't that the moment when you need him most? It's the moment his child enters the world! I don't think you're asking too much of him. I think he is asking too much of you. Have you asked why he (really) doesn't want to be there? Is he scared? It is good to hear that he is very supportive in every other way. There is still quite some time to go before the birth.. maybe he will change his mind, especially if he understands how important this is to you? Good luck!


Lisa - July 26

I am...i'm currently in my 15th week of pregnancy. I recently heard my baby's heart beat on the 21st of this month. This is my first baby..im now very excited.... Edd:January 21 06... Good Luck [email protected]



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