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Amanda - June 30

okay I think I have it straight now Thanks JOjo I am just so scatterbrained


Amanda - June 30

Okay ladies I hope youall find this place, I am going to the dr on thrsday the 7th So happy about going its great to go agian and make sure all is ok, this every 4 week thing is a killer,I don't remeber when do westart going everyother week and every week???


jojo - June 30

what are you scatter brained amanda maybe because your pregnant LOL .if i remember i thnk you start going at 28 week every week and at 36 week every weeks. my kids are 8 and 11 now so i think that was it


Amanda - June 30

Lol JoJo I know but I am getting worse my brain cells are working over time!!!!LOL So only a few more months before we get to go twice a month I guess I have to live with that!! LOL an 8yr old and an 11yr old youspaced um out !! Good for you thats hw you keep your sanity, there will be 3years betseen my daughter and the baby almost 3 1/2 so i guess that s good.


Dawn - July 1

Hi everyone, I used to be in the forum called "possible empty sac at 6 weeks". Thank goodness I made it through that scare. I am 13 weeks pregnant this Sunday, due 1/10/06. The doctor said I can have the baby anytime after 12/27 since I will be a scheduled c section. My first daughter was born in 6/03. Unfortunately, I was carrying twins up until 3 weeks ago. The sac is still there but the baby is gone. Kind of sad, but seeing the other healthy one is great. Keep writing everyone!


Sara - July 3

Hi, everyone. I just turned 13 weeks today. Im due January 8th.I can't wait to hear my babys heartbeat, i'm going to see my dr. this Friday.


Leslie - July 5

Hi Amanada And Jojo (And everyone else who is new) I finally found the new thread. Have you guys heard from Allison? I hope she is doing ok. My doctor visit went well last week, we heard the baby's heartbeat which is awesome and very rea__suring. I've been feeling "un-pregnant" I hope I explain myself. Since the morning sickness and extreme b___st tenderness subsided I feel a bit more energized, but don't really feel "pregnant" does anyone else feel like this? I can't wait til I can fell the baby move so that I can keep feeling rea__sured. Welsome Dawn and Sara. Where are you guys from?


Amanda - July 5

Hello all how was everyones 4th of july mine was pretty mellow which was nice and unusual, Dawn I am glad to hear that things have worked outfor you, sorry about your lose however. I heard from alison over the weeknd and she is doing a little better although we didn't getinto any specifics she sounds okay(in her writing) and her and her dh just got back form vacation and are starting the clinic to find out what is wrong, I wished her luck I am going to email her today and see how all is, I'll keep you guys updated. Well I betterget back to work and check things out, I'll be back in later today I am so excitied I have doctors appointment on thursday Heartbeat time!!!!! LOL


Dawn - July 5

Hi Amanda and Leslie, I am from Long Island New York and I have that same unpregnant feeling. I don't feel the b___st tenderness anymore either. But this weekend I have had a sensation of pulling down in my stomach. I am seeing the doctor tonight, so maybe he can explain. Even though I have a 2 year old I don't seem to remember all that goes on. Who is Alison? I have heard some of you mention her, but never read anything from her.


Sara - July 5

I have been feeling very unpregnant for the last couple of weeks. I have no more symptoms, I think i'm barely showing, but if others who don't know me saw me they would'nt even notice i'm pregnant yet. Dawn, I had that pulling feeling in my abdomen too this weekend. I'm gonna ask my dr. about it on my appointment this Friday. Leslie, I'm from Florida. My 4th of July was good. We went downtown by the beach to see the firework show they have here every year. Very nice! Fantasia was here singing after the firework show was over.


Lia - July 6

Hi everyone! I hope all is well with all. I'm so excited to be "moving over" I've just completed 12w. I'm due Jan 18th. This is our 1st. We saw the baby at 7 weeks and heard the heartbeat last week. We are scheduled for another u/s on the 13th. I can't wait!


Melissa - July 6

This is the first time I've been to this site! I'm also due in January, January 12th to be exact. Today I heard the heartbeat. I do not want to know the gender of the baby. I want to be surprised at delivery, anyone else?


Leslie - July 6

Amanda tell Allison we all wish her well. Dawn, to answer your question about Allison.....she lives in Sweden I believe (right Amanada) she initiated another thread where we had started writing, but unfortunately she lost her baby :( So we started this new thread just out of respect for her. Some of us have had miscarriages in the past and realized how hard it would read about other pregnancies going on. We had a pool party here at home for the 4th, but nothing to extreme, which was nice and at night we saw the firework show from our backyard. I had a Doc appt today and it was great, everything good so far nice strong baby heartbeat tomorrow I will be 14 wks. Welcome Lia and Melissa. I too wanted to be surprised. This will be my second child, I have a beautiful girl who is 5. But my hubby isn't one for "big" surprises and wants to find out what we are having just so that we are better prepared. And I don't want to make him feel left out of the whole experience so I might just have to give in and find out. My next doc appt is at the end of July and my next u/s is Aug 2, I'll keep you guys posted if we find out or not.


Lia - July 7

My husband does not want to know. I do. He's says if I find out it will ruin for him because I'll end up saying something like "He’s kicking" or "She's moving" and he'll know from that. He also said that if I know, I'll tell my mother and she can't hold water. I want to think of names and decorate. I just think we'd just be better prepared. But my DH is old fashion and he wants to be totally surprised. I said we would be surprised. Just in the doctor’s office and not in the delivery room. LOL. He thinks we're having a boy and he’s been calling the baby by boy names. I just recently got him to agree that if we are not going to find out the s_x that he has to refer to the baby in non-gender specific terms. No ‘He’, or boy names just "Baby". :->


amanda - July 7

Hello all and welcome to those who are new, Leslie I will let Alison knowthateveryone is sending he wishes. I know she greatly appreciates it. Her and her dh are undergoing some testing and are hoping to find out what is goingon and what they can do to fix it. She has until the 3rd of August until she gets her test results back, so we will find out then they have been instructed to stop trying until and I think tht that is not a bad Idea as they are healing and coping from the lose of 3 babies all together. I will send her somw warm wishes from all of us, She has asked how everyone is doing and I told her that I will keppup dated on everyone I just don't think she's ready to deal with coming by and listening to us all Right now!! which is understandable.So besides all that I have a drs appointment this afternoon and am very excitied about that. All seems to be going good I still get sick in the morning but thats alot better than all day and my belly is actually starting to grow Yeah I love being pregnant i was sick the entire time with my daugther and I still loved every minute of it. As to those of you who are debating wether or not to find out I say that is a very personla decison and one you guys should make together My hubby and I are going to find out because we already have a girl and if its a boy I get to go shopping !!! Yeah


Raychel - July 7

Hi everyone! I'm due Jan. 6th, I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow. If anyone wants to email me and talk my email is [email protected]


Leslie - July 7

Good to hear Amanda. My gh is not to kin on "big" surprises, so that's why he wants to find out. And he said that he doesn't want to have to go shopping after for gender specific clothing :) So I might just have to give in and give him that satisfaction aince he can't really experience the whole miracle of life like we do. I;ve been feeling little tugs here and there below my navel and above my bikni line and my doctor said that it was probably the baby, very exciting. How was your doctor visit?



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