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Michelle - July 29

Hey JBear....I come on this site all the time and notice you are hear to answering questions. I noticed you are San Antonio, Tx and that is where I am from also. Wondering how far along you are and all the other goodies! You also had a c-section right? That is what I had on my first.


Jbear - July 31

I'm 35 weeks with my second daughter. She'll be born sometime in August at Methodist Hospital in the medical center, and I'm having a repeat c-section. How far along are you and how old is your other child? I have a three year old daughter.


Michelle - August 1

Hey! I am only 14 weeks. I will deliver at Methodist Hospital also. I am due in January, but she will deliver me a week before I am due. My first child is a girl and she just turned 13 months. She will be almost 19 months when this one is born. I am hoping for a boy. What are you having?


Michelle - August 1

Duh! Nevermind...your having a girl. Sorry :(


Jbear - August 2

I went today for the hospital tour. I had my first baby at University, so Methodist's a lot different. I should have scheduled the tour sooner, because there was a lot of walking and also it was really warm in there. You're lucky that you're going to have your baby in January, so you'll get to have cooler weather for the last few months of your pregnancy. I never thought about how miserable it would be being this pregnant in the summer!


Michelle - August 2

Yes its awful. My first daughter was born on June 30. Dead hot summer heat!! So I know your pain and misery. Hang in there. Methodist was great. Had no complaints. The nurses are great. They just check on you constantly,,,,so they will drive you nuts! But like you said, I am so glad to have this one in the cooler months. thank god! Anyhow hang in there and let me know how you are doing. Great to see some from the same city as us.


Jbear - August 4

Michelle, I went to the doctor today and he said I probably have to have my baby next week. I've had high blood pressure since my 24th week, and now it's risen again. I go back monday and if it's still high, or any higher, he's going to schedule my c-section for next week. I knew it would be soon, but somehow next week sounds really soon!


Michelle - August 4

I know your feeling. My blood pressure jumped very high at the end for me. I went to the doctor in the morning and went straight to the hospital after that and had my daughter. You are how many weeks? I hope it stays down. I know the doctors get really freaked out about it. Who is your doctor? My doctor is already thinking about putting me on blood pressure medicine this month, since it is starting to creep up and that is making her a little concerned. So who knows. Are you nervous knowing that is going to be scheuled or relieved? I know mine is going to be scheduled and I am not sure if that will make me more nervous or what. Let me know how everything goes.


Jbear - August 4

I'm 35 weeks and 5 days. I had my daughter at 36 weeks and she had to stay in the NICU for 10 days, so I was hoping this little girl would stay in a little longer. I've been on blood pressure meds since 24 weeks, with the dosage increased once. The doctor I'm using this time is Dr. Dooley. He's pretty calm about the blood pressure issue. For my first pregnancy, I used the high risk ob clinic at university (in the building downtown that used to be called Brady Green). They were really freaked out about the blood pressure. I had every test imaginable, some of them several times. I also had to go every week from 29 weeks on, for non-stress tests too. I felt like some sort of science project. This doctor is much calmer, and I've been a little more relaxed about this pregnancy. I am looking forward to just having the c-section (it was no fun when they tried to induce my labor before the first c-section), I just wish that it was still a couple of weeks away. Oh, did you know that the tax-free shopping weekend is this weekend? Clothes, shoes and diapers are some of the things that there's no sales tax on.


Michelle - August 5

Yea when you have doctors stressing out over you that can cause your blood pressure to rise. I would think they would know that would stress you out and cause it to rise. Probably my next visit I am sure I will be put on medicine. My doctor is pretty calm about it. Her name is Dr. Krueger. She is down on Ewing Ha__sell. I love her to death...she's great. So are you having alot of stress test's done again? I only had one last time. So they tried inducing you on the first...what a bummer. How long did they do that for? She never wanted to induce me since she knew in the end I would have to have a c-section. My daughter never dropped and I never dilated over 1/2 cm. They can't hang on for a week or two more knowing that they baby was in ICU last time? That is just more money....ugh! I know you can't think of it that way, but it sucks when it comes time to pay all the bills! Thanks for the info about tax free weekend...didnt know it applied on diapers also. Need to get my daughter some shoes...so I guess I will go look.


Jbear - August 6

I haven't had any non stress tests done this time. At my last visit the doctor checked my cervix and said he could see why they hadn't been able to induce last time...it was so high he couldn't feel it. I don't remember them checking it before they decided to induce...they just sent me to the hospital and started doing stuff. They tried to induce for a day and a half. I didn't have any contractions and I didn't dialate at all. Then they started trying to break my water, which really hurt, and I lost my temper and told them to either give me something to eat, give me a c-section or let me go home, but I wasn't going to let them do anything else to me. So I had the c-section. I'm sure it was inevitable, and I can't imagine how much longer they would have kept trying to induce. I told this doctor I wasn't pleased with the idea of having another baby in NICU, because I really want to b___stfeed and I think that Valerie being in NICU was the reason I couldn't last time. He said this baby would be almost 37 weeks and there was a very good chance the baby would go home when I do.


Michelle - August 8

My god...sounds like horror for you on the first time. I can't beleive they let you be in labor that long with nothing happening. Well I hope everything goes well this time around. Be great to have the baby go home with you. I wasn't able to b___st feed with my daughter Paige the first time. I got so gorged with milk it was awful!!!!! I hope I do not go through that again. <Sigh> I think you go to the doctor today, so let me know how it went. If I don't here from you I will know why. Keep me posted!


Jbear - August 8

I went to the doctor today and my blood pressure was better. I think for some reason my blood pressure is lower in the afternoons. So now the doctor's not talking about doing the c-section this week. I have to go back on Friday. I'm excited about getting to carry this baby longer than I carried my daughter, but my husband and my family are disappointed because they all wanted to take off from work this week, and now it'll be next week or the week after. I was wondering, when you had your daughter at Methodist, did you end up sharing a room with someone? If you did, did it bother you?


Michelle - August 9

That is great news! I am happy for ya. You would think the family would be happy that you get to carry the baby longer and have less chance of having problems. But that can be family sometimes! When I was at Methodist I had a private room. My husband stayed with me so we decided the pay the extra $75.00 a day to let me have a private room. So I don't know about shared rooms....sorry. I will pre-worn you...sometimes the nurses are really slow to see you....espically when you want more pain pills!


Jbear - August 10

My husband wanted to pay the extra for the private room (it's $80 now), but since I'll be there three or four days I did the math and it's a private room or replacing my washing machine this year. I'd rather have the washing machine. It's just strange, the idea of sharing a room with someone. When I had my daughter at University, I had a private room, and it wasn't extra, it was just what they provided. My husband stayed with me the whole time, and I was so fed up with him. He plugged up the toilet and blamed it on me (I wasn't allowed out of bed) and he snored so loud that I couldn't sleep. The only time he would ever leave was to get food, and then he would come back and burp real food, even though all I was getting was the hospital food (and at university the food is pretty grim). So I'm glad he can't stay with me this time, and also he'll be taking care of our daughter (she'll probably gain ten pounds from eating happy meals morning, noon and night...)


Michelle - August 10

Wow....$80 now huh....that sucks. Well I will determ how the financial situation is when it approaches closer for me. I can understand your situation...have to have a new washer definitely. I am staying the whole three days this time. Last time I stayed two since the nurses dont let you rest....they are always bothering you. I wish the automatically gave private rooms at no cost....I really think it should be that way. Maybe this time, both of us will get more rest without the hubby's around. LOL! The food at methodist is decent...you can change things around more. The food at University sucks...that I know. That is where my husband goes when he has surgeries. He was involved in a bad accident at work on Valentines Day and has been out of work since with workmans comp. Anyways....Good luck with everything. Keep me posted on how you are doing.


unknown - August 12




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