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Amy - August 24

Hey girls i have been looking for you since we moved to 2nd trimester but have not seen any of you are you all doing good and starting to feel better i think this week i'm starting to feel better and this is my 4th pg so i think i have started feeling baby a few times a day:)


Emy - August 24

I am here! I also go by the name Evy. Welcome to the board. I am feeling way better. And I rented a fetal doppler which was awesome! It is so cool that you feel the baby. I have not felt anything yet except for Can't wait..maybe in the next couple of weeks.


Amy - August 24

i rented one to and i must be dumb cause i can't tell if its me or baby i got the one that did not have bpm but yesterday i traded it in for one that will give bpm so i hope then i will know


Sarah - August 25

Hi, Im here, just not been on for few days! Feeling better now as nausea has gone away mostly. I heard the babys heartbeat last week and have scan next week, cant wait! Tummy is quite big and starting to get hard in places. Such a relief to get here and now I can start to relax and enjoy. :-))


Amy - August 25

Sarah hi i'm glad you are feeling better i to i'm feeling better i think i was sick 90% of the day everyday i just feel so ga__sy right now how about any of you its were it hurts at times?


Mendi - August 25

I'm here too! :) I just over a nasty bladder infection and was on antibiotics. It was hard to tell if I had one since I use the bathroom all the time now. I can only wear maternity pants now (oh how i love you mr. elastic) and we almost bought a doppler too but i heard to wait until 20 weeks? We'll almost 15 weeks, cant wait to find out the gender! Glad everyone is doing well...anyone thought of names?


Amy - August 25

Mendi well we like the names Logan Jace for a boy and Lilli Makenna for a girl i can't wait till we have another u/s i would love to know if its a boy or a girl but i'm guessing it will not be till i'm around 20wks i'm at 14wks 5 day and i go to dr sept 8th :)


Amy - August 25

hey ladies i got my new doppler today and ya i heard the babys heart 169 i'm sooooooo HAPPY !!!!!!!


Emy - August 25

that is so cool! I love the doppler! I don't know what I would do without mine....


Sarah - August 26

I want a doppler too! Over here it is just as cheap to buy one as it is to rent one for a month, but I guess they are different to the ones you have. The one I want works from about 18 weeks so may invest soon. Its so cool to listen to the baby. As far as names we only have a name for a girl so far cause we used both the boys names we liked when we had our son. Though we only have the first name for a girl and a poss second but not sure yet. Will have to start thinking! We are due to have an extension on our house and Im hoping it will all be done before baby comes. We need the extra space!


Sarah - August 26

"Over here it is just as cheap to buy one as it is to rent one for a month". Sorry got that wrong! Over here you can buy a heart monitor for the same price as you can rent a fetal doppler for a month. I seem to lose my brain when im pregnant!!


jessielouwho - August 29

Hi everyone, I'm glad to see you are all doing well! I am feeling much better, I have more energy and I'm very rarely nausiated however, in exchage for that I am very ga__sy and constipated! I too finally got to hear the babies heartbeat about a week ago, it was at 155 bpm, according to the old wives tale my mom says it's a girl. My bf is working in TX, I'm in MI so I called him to let him hear it. We've picked quite a few names for boys (Hunter, Gavin, Elliot, Xavier) but I can only come up with one for a girl which my bf doesn't like! Helena pronounced Hel-lay-na. And Amy, I really like Logan too.


Amy - August 29

Jessie glad you are feeling better Iam to but it seems i have had a headache the last 2 day yuk! and i like your names to :)


Emy - August 29

Sarah, if you are talking about the dopplers that you can buy at wallmart I heard they suck big time. I have not meant one person who bought one and who heard anything earlier than the 8th month. Just a thought before you invest. The ones you rent online are that price because it is the ones that doctors use. Here all is good for me. I have lost most of my symptoms but am still really tired and peeing a lot. I can't wait for this energy boost everyone is talking about to hit me....


Sarah - August 30

Hi Emy, Oh thanks for letting me know. Luckily I havent brought one yet! The one I wanted was from Mothercare but prob the same kind of thing.


jessielouwho - August 30

Does anyone know when we get to find out the s_x, my friends are telling me I have to wait for a 20 week ultrasound :o( Thats 6 more weeks!!


Amy - August 30

Jessie i think i to will have to wait till 20 weeks i go sept 8th but they never said anything about u/s



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