July Babies PART2

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jeni23 - February 7

more room lol.


TamaraAngel - February 7

Hope everyone finds us! :o) I had a scare on Monday morning.... i was driving to work and i was rear-ended at a stop sign. I had to go to the hospital and they did an u/s and bloodwork and luckily the baby is fine! I need a bubble for the next several months! How's everyone else doing? Everyone have their 20 week ultrasounds scheduled??


mrs.vegas - February 7

i'm glad you're okay! mine is scheduled for 3/1 (but technically that's 19 wks for me) dr. says i'm due 8/1, but i went to a due date calculator on google, and you can adjust your cycle days (which mine are 24 days not the reg. 28) and it said my due date is 7/26! this is my second pregnancy, and i think i might go before august hits!


TamaraAngel - February 7

Squished -- i read in one of your posts that you had the u/s yesterday?! Is it a boy or girl???


filly06 - February 7

Based on my first ultrasound our baby is due July 8th...and Monday I will be 19 weeks and 1 day and we get to have THE ultrasound!!!! I cant believe I have waited this long...I cant wait to find out the gender! :)


jodie - February 7

Hi ladies. I am due July 23rd and I find out on 2/20 what the gender is...if the little one cooperates!!


Daryna1027 - February 7

I'm new to here:)) i'm due july 1st and I just found out today that I would have a baby girl!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy


squished - February 7

Welcome daryna! And Tamara, they asked us about wanting to know and we said we didn't want to know so she marked our chart so hopefully noone will slip and say "he" or "she" It's driving our families nuts, which is part of the fun :) (oh and us a little too!) We're going to try and hold out!


Maggie - February 7

Hey ladies, I almost didn't see the new room! Ladies please pray for my baby and me. I'm having the amnio done tomorrow because the u/s showed a coroid plexus cyst and echogenic bowel. My doc said that the benefit of having the amnio outweighs the risk, and after much consideration my dh and I agreed to go ahead with it. Yesterday was filled with anger and tears. I'm feeling a little better today, but I still feel like this is all too surreal. Has anyone here had an amnio? To be honest what will make me feel better is to just know. Good or bad, I know that we are strong enough to handle it. The waiting is killing me. On a better note, my son will make a full recovery from his hearing issues by April. He will be having his adenoids removed and tubes placed in his ears at the beginning of March. I don't know if its the stress or what, but I have been feeling soooo pregnant these days. I can feel my belly stretching, and I have that PUPPS rash. I gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks, and my appet_te is huge. Lord I cannot wait until July! Tamara how did all your testing go? Squished you are way better than me. With each pregnancy I had to find out as soon as I could. Take care!


princessk - February 7

Hi ladies, Im new to this thread. I am due July 3rd, but I have 2 other children (6 and 8), and they were both 2 weeks early, so maybe Im having a late June baby. I dont know the s_x yet, getting another sono Monday. The little bugger wont hold still long enough to tell. I even work in a hospital and have made friends with the ultrasound tech so I can have special extra ones, but still not able to tell what Im having. Im hoping for a girl though, since I have 2 boys, but my dh wants a boy. Its his first, my other 2 are from a previous marriage. So Im curious, are most of you showing a lot now? I feel huge! And ppl always guess Im further along than I actually am, but I have only gained about 13 lbs.


TamaraAngel - February 8

Maggie - I hope everything goes well today and you get the best news possible. My thoughts and prayers are w you. I can definitely relate to the intense feelings of sadness and anger. Not knowing is just so scary! My Level II U/S went well and there were no markers of DS so the doctor did not recommend amnio. The baby looks healthy and that's all that matters to me. I'm trying to stay optomistic that the baby wont be born with DS. Be strong and stay positive. Let us know how it goes!


squished - February 8

I haven't had to have an amnio myself, but at least if there is an issue than you will know for sure. I'm hope that everything turns out great for you and your little one. And hi princess and welcome to the group. Maybe you will get your girl this time. I always pictured myself with boys, so we'll see!


KNJ#1 - February 8

New to the site....EDD is 7/16 -finding out the s_x Tues 2/13 :-)


jeni23 - February 11

im so excited counting down the days till my ultrasound,feb 19th.i soo hope the baby cooperates and we find out if im having a boy or girl.how is everyone doing?im starting to notice less and less room in my stomach,but im hungry a lot faster.plus everyone can tell im prego now


JolieLucker - February 11

JENI i drank a bunch of ICE WATER before my u/s and it woke her right up so the entire u/s she was moving and eating and going in such funny positions!!! and we were for sure able to see that 'it' was a 'her' GOOOOODDDD LUCK!!!!! i was the same way counting down the days!!!


princessk - February 12

Well ladies, my ultrasound is tomorrow and Im super excited!! Im 20 weeks Tuesday, so Im sure, as long as the baby cooperates, we should be able to see what it is. Im hoping for a girl this time, since I already have 2 boys at home. I'll let you all know when I find out!


jeni23 - February 13

princessk how did your ultrasound go??how is everyone feeling today?



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