July Babies Part 3

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jodie - March 13

Hooray...we won't have to scroll down to far!! Hope you all find it...and welcome to any new comers!


soimpatient - March 13

Jodie, I love your pics! Wow you & your DH sure makes beautiful babies!! Lombowith, I checked out your page but I could only see one pic. It looks like the others are stacked on top of each other. Oh and Jodie, thanks for starting a new thread!


pregnant76 - March 13

Jodie, I agree with Angela. You guys are so cute! And your little boy is so adorable! I want to squeeze his cheeks!


jodie - March 13

hahaha...thanks ladies! He has good squeezing cheeks for sure! HE is being a little terror today....lol. He is throwing ALL his toys and books over the baby gate down the stairs...ugh!!! I think we are going to try to get some more family pics done before the baby is born. We'll see how that pans out...ha!


jodie - March 14

Hello.............. Is anyone out there today? Slow morning I gues...or maybe everyone is working...lol. It's nap time here so I am relaxing on the couch. On wednesdays I babysit our friends two little boys (3y and 10 mos) so I enjoy nap time. Starting on march 26 I will have them 5 days a week so we will see how it goes...ha! I forget what week the do the glucose test...does anyone remember?


Crystal Star - March 14

The glucose test I thought was done in the 27-28 week time frame.


pregnant76 - March 14

Hi, everybody! How is everyone today. Yeah, it is a slow morning....I miss hearing from you guys. I was busy here at work. PrincessK, your babies are beautiful! They're going to be so gorgeous when they're all grown up.


jeni23 - March 14

my glucose test is scheduled for my 25 week visit.which is soon :))how is everyone feeling,i agree its nap time for me now lol.


jodie - March 15

Hi all! I didn't get a nap today...but I think I am gonna go to bed as soon as I get off this dang lap top!!! Does anyone else have killer back pains? I remember having them with nick and then they pretty much went away after he was born. Now they hurt soooo bad. Sometimes I will take a step and a shooting pain goes down my lower back. I am gonna ask doc for something. Last time he gave me a perscription for pregnancy ma__sages...but my dumb self never used it because I was working full time and had time to work and sleep only. I took a tylenol but it did NOTHING for me!! Maybe I will be lucky enough to score a rub from the hubby tonight!!


princessk - March 15

Pregnancy ma__sages??? WOW! I wanna go to your dr! Thanks preg76! Both of my boys are from my exhusband who is half blk and half hawaiian. I got one light one and one darker one. Genetics are crazy...and random too. One has kinky blonde hair with blue eyes and the other dark hair and eyes. His hair is curly but softer. I think this time, with my hd being full blk and a lot darker than my ex, my daughter will be darker than my sons and have beautiful dark, curly hair!! I cant wait to see her!! I will ad more pics on the july mommies site tomorrow when I have free time after cla__s. I saw my dr yesterday and he gave me a lab slip but no appt. Im 24 weeks and he just wanted me to go anytime before my next monthly appt with him. Oh get this ladies...how cool is this: I met a girl who is due 2 days after me and who is my age and also having a little girl. Our sons are also the same age. Its crazy how much we have in common. I know her dh. He works for a radio station where I live and I used to see him out all the time in my wilder days. Small world! She and I are gonna be very close through this I know. I want her to come on here and join us too....shes so sweet!...(Oh and gorgeous too). Her preggo belly isnt nearly as enormous as mine wven though we are so close in dates. I love being able to have this contact with you ladies and her. Its nice to have other ladies going through the same things that you are. Thanks for being so great!


JolieLucker - March 15

heyyy girls... been a while, hope all is well.. im 22weeks now and i cannnnnnnnnnt wait im so excited!!!


pregnant76 - March 15

Good morning, ladies! A pregnancy ma__sage sounds so good right now! I'm so ticklish that it will feel so good and so bad at the same time! PrincessK, watch out for your babies when they get older! They are going to be so gorgeous. Our parents think our little girl is going to be so pretty since I'm chinese and my DH is white. Everytime I see a mixed asian/white couple with a kid, I find myself wondering what Sienna will look like. But, speaking of back pain, I've started noticing it when I'm doing my speed walking (more like my beached whale waddle). I'm only 23 weeks now and my belly is huge (I'm going to post pictures up tonight while DH is watching b-ball). I wonder if I'll need the belly support suspenders. hehe And, it's kind of freaking me out that my belly b___ton is shrinking!


TamaraAngel - March 15

Hi ladies... thanks for starting a new thread! Well i'm still not feeling the baby move! So frustrating! I called my doctor's office yesterday to tell them and they immediately sent me to the hospital for an U/S!! Scared the hell out of me! They did an u/s (i'm 23 weeks) and the baby looks fine. His heart beat is 155 and he was moving around. I have no idea why i'm not feeling him!!! No back pain for me yet but my legs cramp alot. If i sit at my desk for several hours and then get up, i limp around for awhile! Oh, and i definitely have that beached whale waddle going on too!!!!! BTW -- i think a mixed asian/white baby will be beautiful! Actually, i've never seen a mixed baby of any race that wasn't drop-dead gorgeous! I always pictured that i would have a mixed baby one day... or a baby thru international adoption which i was pursuing before i got pregnant. But instead, i'm having a biological child with a guy with red hair! :o) I never in a million years pictured that being that i'm VERY italian looking!


jodie - March 15

Morning!! Princessk you are lucky to have someone right along there with you!! My sister in law and 2 of my good friends are due at the begining of september...so I guess thats better then no pregnant friends near by...lol. Hey preg76 I am white and my hubby is 1/2 korean and 1/2 guamainian (sp?) and I was soooo curious to see how Nick was going to turn out. He has a pretty good mix of us both. He is starting to get nice dark skin too..lucky kid. I can't wait to see if our daughter is going to look like him too!! It's soo fun!! I really want to go do a 3D ultrasound...I just have to call and make an appointment. I didn't do it with Nick but it seems fun!! Has anyone else done one...or planning to do one?


soimpatient - March 15

I'm going for a 3d ultrasound next Thursday!!! I will only be 22w1d but I am still really excited to confirm that this is a girl. Aparently the earlier on that you do the u/s the more movement you see and the later on you do the u/s the more the fetus looks like a baby. I'll post the pics from the 3d one when I get them.


pregnant76 - March 15

You girls are so lucky you're getting the 3D u/s! My husband still won't budge. I can't wait to see your pics! Ok, I just got back from lunch. I have to vent. I know I've gained a lot fo weight but I don't think its THAT noticable. I'm still wearing size Small from Motherhood. But one guy just asked me if I was having twins and the cashier at the sub place actually said how big I looked for only being 5 months pregnant. She also asked me if my doctor is worried. Argh!!! On a lighter note, I can't wait to see what everyone's babies are going to look like in real life after seeing pics of all of you and your lil sonagram pics! :)


princessk - March 15

Thank you ladies for all the sweet words about my babies! I know what you allmean about mixed babies, of any race, looking just plain gorgeous! I also get asked a lot if Im sure there is only one baby inside me. I used to not like it so much, but then someone told me that even though my belly is big, its all belly and I dont look like IM the one gaining weight. So that was a little rea__suring. I really want a 3D ultrasound bad! I begged enough that my dh finally agreed to let me get one! YAY! So I plan on making an appt soon. Im 24 weeks now and would like to have one between now and 26 weeks or so. I want a little activity and still some baby fat to make her look more like she will when shes born. I wish our bellies were see thru so we could just look in the mirror and see our little babies. Oh and as for belly b___tons, mine is flat. It hasnt turned inside out yet, but I really dont have one anymore. My oldest ds says it looks like a mouth yelling. Hes so silly sometimes. Anyway, have a great day ladies. Im off to have my glucose test this afternoon.



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