Jumping Dogs

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squished - May 28

Hi all! I have two big labs and one of them likes to jump on me and today one paw went right into my stomach! Ouch. I know that the baby is ok, but how do your deal with your dogs jumping on you? It's not like you can sit them down and explain to them why your stomach is poking out!


Erynn21 - May 28

You need to teach your dogs to not jump on you, what's going to happen when you have a newborn. I have 2 dogs a german shepard and a border collie/lab mix. My shepard likes to give "hugs", but only when invited, she actually hugs around your waist. I don't want to sound badly, but the dog needs to get that boundary now. My neighbor has a big , dopey yellow lab and he tries to jump, but I have taught him it is not okay w/ me. Have you tried to tell the dog NO and down? If the dog continues you may have to get it trained professionally to not do that, it's just a suggestion. Good luck.


HannahBaby - May 28

kick their a__s...worked for me


flower.momma - May 28

I have a black lab and she used to be a big jumper. One trick I learned it to turn your body away from the dog as she's jumping. It throws their balance off and they feel like you're ignoring them. With our big ol' dogs, saying no and pushing them off is viewed as attention and positive reinforcement. Also, making a mean "shhhhh" sound and pointing at them while towering over them is good. Another one that really worked with my dog when she was too worked up to respond to the other ones is kneeing the dog gently in the stomach when they are about to jump. It protects your body and baby and throws off their balance.


marranie - May 28

You can try putting your knee up and saying no or sit, then giving the dog a pat when he sits. A very old man i knew had quite a few lively dogs, he used to hobble along with a hot cup of tea and 'accidently' spill a bit on them if they got close to being underfoot or jumping. Seemed to work and no shouting or hitting involved.


Angiconda - May 29

I know you need to train them I have heard gentally kneeing them in the chest is a good method I also think turning away is good too that is what I do with my dog when she jumps although it is not very often some animals can sense that you are pregnant and will not jump on you. I have a friend whos dog has not jumped on me since I have been pregnant I thought I was kind of weird that he all of the sudden stopped. I also agree that you need to start training the dog sooner then later because you do not want it to jump up on the baby. My MIL thinks that we have to many pets and need they are not going to take to the baby well, we have a dog and 3 cats and I refuse to get rid of any of them as they are family!


squished - May 29

Thanks for the suggestions! Our one lab only jumps when he's excited about going for a walk or camp, he's generally a very good dog, so I think that the knee in the chest is a good idea.....or maybe I'll get some hot tea like the old man heehee!


Aimes - May 30

If your dog is older this may not work, but we found to stop our Golden from jumping we put a leash on him at all times (in the house, too) and just grabbed the leash and pulled down on him when he jumped. It worked pretty well. Also, if you just get down to their level, they usually won't jump up to you. Always turning away is good, too. My dog always rams his head into me for attention, but we are working on that! Good luck!


venus_in_scorpio - May 30

we did the leash thing with my mom's german shepherd too he is 11 months old and about 95 pounds lol he is a cow. anyway when my dad was dying from cancer, and sometimes when I am around she brings his lead for outside in the house and ties it somewhere in the house so he can still wander and get to his food but if he is to hyper he cant jump on you


lexa - May 30

I have a black lab who will be 4 in a month. She is a "jumper up" on people when they come to visit, and jumps on me when I get home, or she wants my attention. I turn sideways so she gets more of my side/b___t and tell her "no down" (sternly). Then I pet her. It is working and she is not jumping up as much at all. When I see she is getting ready to come up to me I just tell her NO (sternly). Still pet her. They'll get the idea that you still love them, but they can't jump up. It'll work. Angiconda, I know what you mean about people saying "too many pets". We have 1 dog, 2 cats and 3 rabbits. I wouldn't give any of them up! My dh wants another cat. They way I see it is it's your house, your money spent on them, and you taking care of them. So unless someone else is helping with them, it doesn't matter what they say! they do become part of the family:-)


Erynn21 - May 30

You know I have 2 dogs and 2 cats, I would probably have more pets, but my husband objects, I agree w/ lexa it's your house. I do get a little concerned how my dogs will act, but it's funny this weekend I had lots of friends stop by w/ little kids and they didn't even care. They have been around kids always because of my hubby's family being giant, but I worry about them, now I'm sure they'll be great. My cats could care less about anything so I think everyone will be fine. Good luck to all of us w/ our baby's and our pets.


tryingx3 - May 30

I agree with flower.momma...We have 2 golden retreivers who like to jump. We don't want them to do that to anyone, but especially not me or any children around. We have used the knee up (toward their chest) and they do not jump. Actually my female will sit down immediately and wait for me to pet her. You do not have to knee them hard just put it there as an obstacle so they do not get close and say NO! They will get the idea. Good luck!



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