June 2006 Mommies

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Stephanie - November 26

Hi ladies....I just hit the 2nd trimester and was just wondering if there was anyone else out there in the same boat. This is my first so I am very excited!!! I already had 1 ultrasound which was very cool...I have my next appointment on December 2nd! Congrats to all and good luck!!!


Robyn - November 28

I also just hit the second trimester. I am due on June 1st. This is my third pregnancy but it feels like its my very first. I already had i u/s last monday and it to was cool. The baby was sucking its thumb and moving all around. My next appt is on Dec 1. Congrats.


Chan - November 28

I am due June 2nd. This is my second pregnancy. Haven't had an ultrasound yet, they are not going to do one until 18-20 weeks. I got to hear the heartbeat today. It was very exciting. My next appointment is Dec 19th.


JS - November 28

I'm due June 5 with my first also and just hit my 2nd trimester today. It feels like it took forever. I had one ultrasound at 10 weeks which completey blew me and my husband away. I have a check-up on Dec 6 but not another ultrasound until 20 weeks. I can't wait to find out the s_x!


Stephanie - November 28

Hey ladies...How is everyone? I was just wondering if everyones morning sickness has gone away and if you are still very tierd? I am so tierd still and I can't wait until I get that surge of energy everyone tells me about. Has anyone picked out names yet??? Well I have to go....Talk to you all soon!


Stephanie - November 28

By the way...everyone else stated when they were due...I forgot...I am due on Juen 3rd!!! I can't wait!


Jen - November 28

Hello Hello!! I am moving in tommorrow!!! I am due june 5, but will have a c section prior to.I also have my next appt. tomorrow at 2 pm!! I am still very tired and still puking-hoping it will end soon!! I propbably won't be getting another us till 20 weeks as I already had one, and I think I am developing diabetes, but we'll see. Good luck to you all!!!


mama-beans - November 28

Well, I'm gonna go ahead and move over to the 2nd trimester.. doc says that is 12 weeks, and I believe him! I'm due the 13th of June, this will be #2 for us.. hoping for another girl, but will be happy no matter what! I go in for a L2 ultrasound at 18w2d and if they can't see anything my OB has a vag ultrasound in office that he says we can use how ever many times we need to to see who we have in here! It sure is nice to be roughly 1/3 done!


Stef - November 29

I'm due june 5th also. I've had two ultrasounds done so far. i wont have another until my 20weeks. My last ultrasound was pretty cool. our baby waved to us. i was pretty sleepy though. I'm so glad i'm now on to the second trimester, hoping that i would feel better. I've been so sick thru all of this.


Maria - November 29

I am due June 2nd, I had my first ultrasound Friday and my original due date was the 10th of June, but they moved it up because of the babies size, it was really neat, the baby waved to us too! This is my 3rd pregnancy, I have 2 girls, 7 and 10. I am hoping for a boy, but again will be happy with whatevery god has in store for me :-)


Stephanie - November 30

Hey guys...Does anyone have a little belly yet? I have a tiny one, but I am a very tiny person so that's probably why...I really feel very bloated though! Any one else? Talk to you al soon!


Maria - November 30

Hey, I have a belly, I actually look like I am like 5 months pregnant, but I think it's because I had 2 prior pregnancies.


Jen - November 30

Hi lasdies, I had my second tri doc visit yesterday-everything is ok and the heart rate is in the 160s! I am hoping so bad for a girl-I have a boy-16 months and am praying for a girl. To steph-I am huge!! This is my third pregnancy, but 2nd child hopefully, I think that is why I got big quick-although I haven't gained any weight. Good luck to you all!!


HH - November 30

Hi all, it's our first child and I'm due June6, we are very excited! We had one ultrasound so far, it was SO cool to see the baby and hear the heartbeat. My next appointments are on Dec.17 (BW) and Dec.19 doctor's checkup. Congratulations to all!


Shan - December 6

Im due on the first as well, my ultrasound is on Jan 13....next Doc's appt. is the 8th... It is exciting! I can't wait to meet my little one. Is anyone else having round ligament pains yet....I just started getting them, Ouch! sometimes they can really hurt!


Leanne - December 7

Hi there, I'm due at the end of May. YES, I'm having those ligament pains. They creep up when I least expect it!!! I have a little tummy now but I still fit in my clothes. It's my first pregnancy so I guess that's why I'm not gaining much weight yet.


angie - December 7

Hey girls i'm 14 weeks due on june 4th, i will have my big ultrasound on jan 6th can't wait to see my baby again and how much it's grown. i already have a belly i don't know why but is round pointy and it has a dark line going down, my belly b___ton is also starting to look bigger than it was already. I don't know why is it so big already but trust me everyone can see it already of course with my coat off, with it on i look normal again.



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