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pebblesnbambam - January 29

Ok.. new thread since we are LONG WINDED! :)


Kelly11 - January 29

Pebbles thanks for the new thread AGAIN : ) We are long winded and I love that!!! It definitely keeps me entertained (even though I should be working, ha ha) and I love talking to all you ladies. It makes it so nice since we're all around the same time. I'm 22 weeks 1 day today and overall (besides the shooting pains here and there) feeling great! Nothing to complain about that's for sure. I thought for sure because of how easily I get sick and my prior back problems I would be one of those women who have a terribly difficult pregnancy but I just haven't and thank God everyday!!! I think I'm liking Bryan with Teegan as well. It flows much better to me...although dh has already been calling him "junior" so no need to worry about nicknames because I think that one might stick! So I can't believe next week I will be starting the sixth month!!! Just craaaaaaazy how fast things are going. Although I keep getting told that once the 3rd trimester hits things really slow down...but we shall see. I'm just trying to focus on positive and good energy hoping that will help keep things going smoothly for me and our little boy. So does anybody have any feelings about when they will be going into labor? Early, late, right on time? I don't know why but I think mine is going to make an early entrance. But maybe that's just wishful thinking : )


aliciavr6 - January 29

Slow down? I hope not! The other night I was thinking... "Wow... I just found out about my pregnancy 14 weeks ago at 5 weeks... and I still have 21 weeks left!!!"... It made it seem like forever. I'm hoping to go into labor early ha, but my luck it will be 3 weeks late.


sarahd - January 29

Morning all! Had my doc appt today and all is looking good - measuring right on track, heartbeat was strong (148bpm), and doc seemed very pleased. She predicted a boy, but we shall see :) She agreed that my pain was likely overtiredness/normal growing stuff. She also said sitting for several hours in one place can cause pain like that. KELLY -I've had those pains down into my "girl parts" as you said - apparently it's normal. JENDEAN - congrats on your little girl!!! I love hearing everyone's good news after their u/s! PEBBLES my niece is named Abigail so I'm partial to that name :) No idea whatsoever about when I'll go into labour, just hope it's not too early or too late! My sis was 1 day off her due date, and my Mom carried us all pretty close to term (I think my bro was 2 weeks early, but he was the biggest of us at 8lbs something).


excited2bemama - January 29

Hi Ladies- Congrats on your little Girl Jendean. Wow. So many girls among us. Pebbles I like Ethan the best. I am hoping that I go into labor a little early. Tired of being big and achey already!!! I think all those aches and pains that we are all feeling are normal. I have aches everywhere. In my Vaginal area. In my back, in between my ribs...I guess its all growing pains. Keira's kicks are getting stronger and DH gets to feel them almost daily. I gotta send you all a new pic of my GUT- I think its HUGE!!!!! :o)


pebblesnbambam - January 29

I am hoping to go full term with this one.. NO EARLY BABY!!! June 8th would be PERFECT!!! We'll see. Anytime after 38 weeks is fine with me.. Doctor told me with preterm labor with my son.. if we got to 36 weeks we were home free... I want this baby to cook as long as possible.. No early scares!!! Thats my prayer! PLEA more like it. Snowing and b__wing here... just wishing I was inside my house curled up with warm cup of something!!! Oh well, 4:30... 1/2 hour left!!! Glad to hear that people are doing well, despite normal pregnancy woes!


Kelly11 - January 29

Oh girls thank you so much for letting me know that my odd aches and pains in the girl region are most likely completely normal. I just have been trying to be really good about not calling the doc's office at every pin drop. I'm sure you all know what I mean. I mean if I felt horrible and was in bad pain then I wouldn't hesitate, but these are just more annoying than anything...but in a weird way if they're growing pains it makes me feel better like things are going like they should! Sarah everytime we have heard/seen our boy's heartbeat it has been right around 150! I bet you're having a boy too for some reason. : ) Plus the boys need to catch up to all these June girls! Pebbles I feel your pain with the snowing and b__wing! We have had our fair share of that this winter and I am SO tired of the snow. It has been absolutely gorgeous for the past few days...almost a week actually now that i think about it...and I LOVE it. Sunny and almost 53 degrees yesterday!!! Makes me want spring to be here right now so I can whip out the sundresses and my wedge sandals! Oh I can't wait!!!!!!!!! So I ordered a pilates for pregnancy video...I'm sure hoping it gets here soon! Anybody else tried that???


pebblesnbambam - January 29

Ordered the Yoga video that someone suggested... hoping to get that. I did "best pregnancy workout" this morning and am feeling it in the b___t!!! It is a good workout but can't stand the lady that teaches it.. kinda slow paced.. but maybe that is because WE ARE PREGNANT! :) Hoping Yoga will limber me up a bit! Ok.. into the b__wing cold 1above weather.. YUCK!!!!!!!! Wishing everyone plesant sleep!!


sarahd - January 29

Bleh - I have been feeling so unmotivated these past few days, just can't seem to get going unless there's something I really HAVE to do. Forcing myself to go swimming tonight though when dh goes to the gym. We actually had quite a bit of snow twice this winter, but now are having a week of sun - that's almost a record for Vancouver in the winter, lol! Kelly I feel ya on wanting spring to come - I can't wait for warm weather and longer days! I think getting up in the dark really makes it difficult to get moving...


excited2bemama - January 29

You all are so motivated with the exercise. I used to be the exercise queen and now I do nothing and sit on my bum all day. I did some Yoga stretches the other day and that helped and then last night I really got energentic and did like a full yoga program and man do I feel it today... I feel like I am draging myself around today. I can't wait to have this baby and get slim and energietic and in shape again!!!!! 18 weeks left!!!


sarahsteele - January 29

hello.. good to see everyone is going well!! ..i live in new zealand.. so its summer over here, no winter worries for me at the moment... but when wee noah is born it will be the middle of winter!! bugger. There are so many june girls i cant believe it.. so how many girls and boys are there now?


DownbutnotOUT - January 29

Congrads jendean on the little princess. Sarah how is your breathing doing? you feeling alright? Im not sure on the ratio of boys to girls but im thinking girls are leading by at least 3! well im going nuts I got 9 days till i find the s_x of the baby out and im having more girl dreams and daddy is going nuts because everytime our daughter is demanding of him Im like "Oh I cant wait to see you being run by TWO little girls" lol he doesnt find it amusing but hey I have 2 mama boys, I wouldnt mind another, but I have been paying my dues its his turn hehe. lately I have been feeling alot of pushing into my stomach and I can tell im carrying this baby really high and my tummy is ronding out nicely. I just get teary-eyed every time I feel the baby move its such a magical feeling and this is definatly the last pregnancy so I have to enjoy every kick and punch. Hope all is well :)


jendean00 - January 30

My little girl kicked me for the first time last night. I was laying in bed reading and felt it. I have to say I have not slept that good since I have been pregnant.


Wanda - January 30

Good morning girls, I need to get hubby to take some pictures of my belly and send them to be posted. I just have not taken the time to do so. Baby has sure been busy,moving all over the place, this morning having a hard time breathing she is sitting high today.Everyone have a great day.


pebblesnbambam - January 30

YIKES... it is 11below today and that is not with the wind chill!!! It is like 30 below with the wind chill! When is spring coming??? I am not sure what the count is on boys to girls but I think girls are ahead!!! I did some more exercises today.. not a whole lot but enough to where I felt the burn!! Good to feel my muscles working.. need to get rid of the jiggle that has found is way to my legs!!!! Have a great Tuesday everyone!


momtbc - January 30

Wow! I have not found the energy to really exercise in two weeks. It is getting easier and easier not to. It has been so cold here that I don't want to take the kids out for a walk and by the time my husband gets home it's dark. I am dying for that spring weather we had two weeks ago! I am not a cold weather person. If all of my family did not live around here we would definitely be in some place that was warm year round! I could not sleep last night. Lots of GAS! and lots of baby wiggling. I guess she didn't like the gas!


Memphisbaby - January 30

Hey everyone:) I just figured out that there is a new thread!! I have a lot of catching up to do. This is sort of gross, but has anyone else had collostrum leaking from their b___bs yet? It just happened to me for the first time after I got out of the shower and it FREAKED me out. I want to b___stfeed, so I'm glad they work, but that was just a first I wasn't expecting so soon!



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