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Hope - February 9

Just wanted to do a check in and see how is everyone doing? How far along are you? Share your pregnancy experiences? I am 22 wks today and doing pretty good. I am staying so tired. We are having a little girl, I have a 2 yr old son. We are tickled pink to have one of each. Dh and I are trying to decide on a name now. I have gained 7 lbs so far. What about you?


Tillie - February 9

Hi Hope. I'm 22 weeks also, and having a girl! I've gained almost 20 pounds and am so tired, too. I've just gone on early (paid!) maternity leave (because my job requires me to commute across two states), so I have the luxury of a lot of time to sleep. Everyone says to enjoy it now, since I won't be sleeping at all once the baby's born! Do you have any ideas for names yet?


Krinny - February 9

Hi, Hope. I am also 22 weeks. My due date is June 16. We found out we are having a girl, too! Her name is Olivia. I've gained about 6lbs total, but there's no doubt I'll be packing on the pounds pretty soon. I am not nearly as tired as I was in the first trimester, but I hear it comes back in the third. Has anyone had any weird cravings? I've been craving salmon (once a week of course!), and I've had my share of sweets. Overall, it's been a great pregnancy...no morning sickness whatsoever!


Nita - February 9

Hi Hope! I'm in my 21st week now and we are having a baby girl too! Unlike Tillie & Krinny, I'm still working now and have had morning sickness all through my 1st trimester. Was really tired too at that time, but now am feeling pretty good. Hopefully it will not be really bad in the 3rd, but will have to see. I haven't had any weird cravings yet Krinny, but every now and then I feel like having this or that and since I'm pregnant I give in and enjoy the food(unlike pre-pregnancy where I was very fat/calorie concious). I've gained 10lbs at my last appt(3 weeks back). Am sure i've gained a couple more at least caz my tummy does feel bigger!


MooBaby - February 9

Hi Hope and Ladies, I am also 22 weeks and having a boy! His name is Levi. I have gained 7 pounds so far, but I think I will start gaining more as I am now on modified bed rest due to a combination of a thin cervix and strong braxton hicks contractions that started at 15 weeks. Yikes. You ladies sound really lucky! I am a bit worried about this all, but hope that it will all be okay in the end. Oh yeah, and I crave fruit... any kind honeydew, pineapple, oranges, pears you name it, I want it!


MooBaby - February 9

By the way... are you 22 weekers showing?? I am BARELY showing and I am sooo anxious for that baby bump. No one believes that I am this far along... which is a bit sad seeing all this trouble I have been having!


Tillie - February 9

I'm totally showing! Pre-pregnancy I was very average weight, pretty calorie conscious, worked really long hours and managed to go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Now I've gained 20 pounds (way more than all of you!!) and my stomach is huge. I don't get it. I don't even have weird cravings! Mostly fruit, salad, chocolate milk. My mother gained a total of 30 pounds with me and my grandmother gained 12! Clearly I'm not following in their paths...


Tillie - February 9

Btw Moo-Baby, all my pregnant friends "popped" at about 24 weeks, so any day now you're going to wake up looking REALLY pregnant, I bet!


MooBaby - February 9

Thank Tillie!! I will wait until 24 weeks and see what happens - hopefully I will finally have that coveted figure! :) Your bump sounds glorious! Hope that I can have one someday too. ;) You are lucky to have paid maternity leave! I work from home so I have that luxury of sleeping too... try to get as much as you can!


Hope - February 9

We are thinking of Kaelyn Faith or Kaelyn Dahki (duh kigh)!! Nothing set in stone yet. I am also craving fruits!!! LEMONS are my biggie!! I am starting to show more and more. I can still wear my pre pregnancy clothes but my pants are starting to get tight. I was alot bigger with my son at 22wk then I am now.. Glad everyone is doing great. I love hearing how everyone is doing.


Allie - February 9

Hi ladies. I am due June 23rd, and I am showing with no questions...people no longer ask me if I'm pregnant, but how far along I am. I have only gained about 6-7 lbs so far, but I was showing back when I was dropping lbs in the first trimester (although not so obviously). I have to say, I love it! Although this is my first pregnancy, I have two children I'm raising that came with my husband (a boy and a girl) so this will complete our family. We are naming our little girl Chloe.


Kelli - February 10

Hi all!! I too am 22 weeks--pregnant for second time with a girl (yeah!!), Jasmine Ruth. I have a 2-year-old daughter as well. I am definitely showing as well--but then again I went from 122 pounds to 179 at my last doctor's visit (which was 4 days ago). I don't know why I am gaining so much weight. I don't eat any sweets or anything, and it's not like I can just no eat (( I am always starving)). anyway,, feeling okay--a little tired running after 2 year old but I work at home so I can count myself lucky. I don't get too much sleep though because for a while I was waking up in the middle of the night and being hungry and not being able to fall back to sleep and losing a lot of sleep and getting very upset about it---so now I take no nap and only go to bed certain hours at night so that I will definitely sleep and I stopped allowing myself to eat during the night---even if I am hungry. I am doing better though. Well, will stop rambling. Nice to hear from all.


Renee - February 12

I'm 22 weeks now, and we're having a boy! We're planning on naming him Zackary Andrew. When we concieved I was underweight. I am about 5'10" and was between 130 and 135. At my last doctors visit, I weighed 153, which seems like a lot to me, but I don't look heavy. I'm all belly and everyone tells me I'm carrying great (that you can't tell from behind that I'm pregnant). I'm noticing a strange pain in my right b___st lately, does anyone else have that? It's like a sharp pain and it comes and goes. I'm not craving any specific foods really. I just eat what I want to without going overboard on the sweet stuff. I love my fruits and yogurts, but am finding it difficult to eat veggies. I'm on Iron supplements because I don't eat enough red meats I guess. Feeling fine otherwise......


MooBaby - February 13

Hi Renee, I get those same pains in my b___sts. Kind of a sharp stingy sensation. Sometimes one side, then a few weeks later the other. They can be uncomfortable... I have read that its your glands in your b___st preparing for b___st milk. And though I am only 22 weeks, every once in a while a little milk comes out! Just about 1/2 a drop!! (So crazy to me as everything is so new!)


lindsay - February 13

I am 21 weeks as of tomorrow, so does that mean i am still in my 5th month. I have a little girl who is 3 and now a little boy is on his way. My daughter is very excited.


Emily - February 13

Hi everyone! Mind if I join in? I am 21+ weeks. My due date is June 24th. I am going to have another girl. My dd is 18 moths old and really starting to get it. We took her to my u/s last week and she would point to the screen and say baby. I think she is finally geting that only mommy has a baby in her tummy and not everyone! I am def showing. Can't wear my old jeans but I am not into materinty jeans yet. I am in the inbetween stage. I am wearing jeans that 2 sizes bigger than my normal jeans. I found some that are pull on that actually do not look like old lady jeans (not that there is anything wrong with old ladies....:)) but have pulled out my maternity tops. My others were getting too short! I have only gained 4lbs though. I didn't gain any weight with my dd. ONce I gave birth I lost like 50 lbs. I was a littel chunky anyway so I liked losing the 50 plus I was so getting huge! For being a bit larger, I tend to pop out soon. I was showing by 16 weeks although some couldn't tell for sure I was preg yet. I started feeling the baby at about 17 weeks. I can really feel her now! Starting to get bigger and stronger and it is feeling more like kicking an poking instead of those little flutters.....


Shannon - February 13

Hey there! 20 weeks, Due June 29th, so I'm right on the edge of June. I am also having a girl. There are lost of girls this summer! In my prenatal exercising cla__s there are about 25 other women in my cla__s and all but 4 of them are having girls! (and 3 of the 4 don't know what they are having because they have very good will power and have chosen not to find out!) Good luck to all the girls and boys!



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