June Mommies Part 1 Of Teh Second Trimester

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gabby509 - December 1

I am so excited to be entering the second triemster! I know all the rest of you girls are too. Here's to a happy and healthy 9 months!


fefer1 - December 1

hi gabby- I can officially join today. :) yay! Still sick though but getting better. We just got our first snow today too. Soo exciting - we don't get much on the west coast. Way to celebrate my second trimester!


Rachel29 - December 1

Yeah! Congratulations! I just got here too...last Tuesday (Due date June 3rd). Anyway, congratulations! Everyone tells me the next three months are the shortest! By the way, fefer1, we got our first snow here in the north east...that's pretty cool!


fefer1 - December 1

I looove the snow. It started to melt away and then this afternoon it started to just dump. :) I'm sure it will be rain my morning but I can enjoy for now. Yeah, the next couple of months will go by so fast! I have a 14 month old daughter and with her all I remember was the first 3 months dragging by and then the last 3 months took FOREVER! :) The middle....it is just a blur. My daughters name is Rachel too. Great name. :)


kay101 - December 1

I'm baaaack! I've had such aweful headaches lately that my doctor actually prescribed me something for them. My 13 week appointment went well. I just found out yesterday that my pap results from my NINE WEEK appointment came back abnormal. I'm just wondering why there wasn't anything in my chart about it and why the doctor didn't say anything about it monday. I was really freaked out about it, but after doing some reading I've found out it's extremely common and usually when they retest everything comes back just fine. It's still going to be nagging at the back of my mind for the next 2 weeks though. I've had a bad week :( I was going to surprise my sister when we found out what we were having because I thought we would right before christmas, but since it won't be till right after I told her and she's SO excited. SHe even brought me over a bag of maternity clothes at like 9 last night. It's snowing here right now. We're actually supposed to get 6-8 inches but it doesn't look too bad right now.


fefer1 - December 1

sorry about your headaches Kay - I've recently been getting them pretty regularly and they suck. :( I don't think I get to find out till around the 3rd week of Jan - 20 weeks. I'm 13wks TODAY!! :) Maybe we'll find out next friday when I go for my downs syndrome scan/test thingy. It's still snowing here too - on and off all day. I think we have a couple of inches which is a lot for us here. Oh, my pap came back abnormal with my daughter but then was fine after she was born when I had another one. I think so much is going on that it can throw things off - even the slightest little infection. I wouldn't worry if the dr isn't worried.


HeatherIsHopeful - December 2

lol I'm 12weeks 1dy so Im getting close :)


mstcr1 - December 2

My pap came back abnormal too, doc said it was a run of the mill yeast infection (my first ever and i had no clue). since i didnt have any of the normal symptoms she decided not to treat it, said it was a normal part of pregnancy. I go this week for check up, 14wks, and I am hoping to sweet talk my doc into an ultrasound before xmas. last year I lost a baby at 18wks, found out the day I went in for the ultrasound to find out the s_x that the babys heart had stopped. I am a little anxious to get in and see a normal ultrasound so I can get over my fears and try to get excited for this pregnancy !!


fefer1 - December 2

mstcr - that's horrible! I can't imagine going that long and losing a baby. Not that it's great at 13 weeks or 6 weeks - but man, once you feel the baby moving around it would just make me so sad! A friend of ours lost theirs at 20 weeks last year but she got preg right away and just gave birth to a very healthy baby two weeks ago. I would sweet talk too. :)


MPear - December 2

Hey girls! New here. Due June 9 - so excited. I haven't come over to the tri boards until now because I miscarried in August at 12 weeks with our first pregnancy. I'm 13 tomorrow with this one and am finally starting to feel confident and excited. **fingers crossed**


gabby509 - December 2

Hi everyone! Yeah we got snow last night and the roads were so slippery today. I was petrified to drive so I had my fiance drive me around all day, haha he hated it. Fefer I think we might be due the same day or maybe a day or two apart, because I will find out the s_x at 20 weeks which is the third week in January as well. I can't wait. My next appt is the day after Christmas, but I know my doc won't check for the s_x at only 16 weeks. He said it's better to wait and be certain than to get anyone's hope's up. I don't even care, as long as it's a healthy baby, I'll be happy with a boy or a girl. Well I hope everyone is feeling better during the second trimester, I know my naussea is starting to go away, but not entirely. I'm still taking my Zofran, but hope to stop soon.


kay101 - December 2

I think I'll be finding out what I'm having more towards the beginning of January. I go back in 2 weeks to have my pap redone and the blood test for downsyndrome. I'm a__suming I'll be making my ultrasound appointment then. I think my headaches might be sinus related. My nose has been so dry that it bleeds when I b__w it and my throat has been scratchy. I took some pseudophed today and it pretty much got rid of my headache. Well our big 'snowstorm' ended up being about 2 inches and then just lots of rain today. I wore myself out Christmas shopping today, but I'm pretty much done.


Sprinkles - December 3

Helllllo Girlies!!! I been waiting for this one to open so I could join back in I got my results for the ultrascreen today they said I have 1 in 10,000 chance of the baby having downs or tricectemy (sp) which is a relief! I have my regular appointment with my doctor on the 12th so .. I am sure they won't do much at that one since I just had the ultrascreen done I will be 15 weeks then so exciting! I worry about the weirdest things lately - Like i had to shovel and i worry I dont hurt anything doing that - and then my jeans are tight AGAIN and these are my maternity jeans! i hope that dont hurt the baby - then I had to lean on my washer to get something in the bottom and that had me worried! Ugh worry worry worry


MPear - December 3

SPRINKLES: Congrats on the great scan tests news! What a real relief! I had mine last week and I'm still waiting for my numbers. I completely understand about the worry worry worry, I'm in the same boat. Everyone must feel like this, no? I guess its just a symptom of a lifetime of worrying about our kids!


MPear - December 3

GABBY: I hear you. I'm DYING to find out what the s_x is but we have to wait another 7 weeks! I'm scheduled for an ultrasound on Jan 22. I have my first dopplar tomorrow - which I'm both excited and nervous about - as I haven't heard the heartbeat yet. When is your due date?


gabby509 - December 3

I'm due June 7th. Is it weird that I just want to quit my job and go baby shopping all day everyday? Haha, no but seriously it seems like everything is bothering me lately, especially work! I'm so d__n miserable today.


Sprinkles - December 3

Thank you Mpear .. I suppose ur right worry is something I should be used to - LOL I still won't even let my 11 yr old walk 8 blocks to school lol - But in my defense it is a high traffic area. What week do you find out the s_x?



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