June Mommies To Be

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Hope - March 7

Lets do an update! How is everyone feeling? How many weeks are you now? How much weight have you gained? Anything else you want to share? I am feeling pretty good. I have some really emotional days were all I want to do is cry. I didn't do this with my son so this is all new to me. I wll be 26 wks Thursday. I have put on 12 lbs so far but I know when I go back for my 28 wks. app. it will be alot more.


mama-beans - March 7

Hello! I'm due June 13th with a little boy. 26 weeks now. I have gained 20 pounds so far.. a bit much, but he is also measuring 2 weeks ahead. Just one brief scare that had us hooked up for a NST, but we're fine now! I go in again next week to make sure he is OK ( which I am sure he is.. SUCH an active little booger!)


Tillie - March 7

Hi girls. Mama-beans! I was wondering where you went... Scary about your "scare"--what's a NST? Thanks for starting a new thread, Hope. I'm due June 15th with a girl (yay!) and have gained 20 pounds so far. Interestingly, almost all of that was pre-20 weeks... I'm feeling pretty good, too, but I have to wear wrist-braces to bed at night due to severe carpal tunnel (so s_xy, my husband says) and I am constantly having to pee. In my prenatal yoga cla__s of 15 women, I am the only one who gets up to go to the bathroom at least twice during the 75 minutes. I guess I have a weak bladder... other than that, I feel excited all the time--anxious, even!--for this little baby. I can't believe I'll meet her in three short months. Ordering a crib for her the other day made me nearly cry--I suddenly saw her in it, saw myself leaning over the side to pick her up, and I thought: oh my gosh this is REAL.


Allie - March 7

Hi Ladies. I am 24 weeks, due June 21st (although I'm hoping Chloe comes a week or two before that). Doing much better at this stage. I've been able to start walking again, and that is also increasing my energy levels...after my last dr. appt I decided I better get serious about it. I've gained 13 lbs so far (but most of that was just in the last month). I'm also still emotional - in fact I just had a big discussion with my husband and told him he was neglecting me, and had to start giving me more individual time instead of family time -I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm insane, but he seems willing to humor me :)


AML - March 7

Hello Mommies!! I am 27 weeks and 4 days! Its going by sooooo fast!! At my last Visit (Feb) I had finally gained some weight! I gained 10 lbs total....now when I go back next wednesday I'm sure It will be more! I have been eating more and more lately! Sometimes I just dont feel full enough so I keep eating until im satisfied! My little guy is kicking like crazy!! His movements are so strong! I can see him rolling along my stomach!! Its amazing! I am starting to get the nursery ready with the things I already have. I get more and more excited every time I'm in there! Just to think, about 12 weeks to go! Sorry I'm just rambling on! I cant help it sometimes! Anyways, Hope everyone is doing well!! By the way, My best friends name is Hope and she is also pregnant! Just a few days ahead of me! How exciting!!


Cabbie - March 7

Hi! I am 26 weeks tomorrow with #3. I have two girls and they say this is a boy. I am due June 14 and will have my section on June 8. I have gained 13 lbs so far. I feel pretty good most of the time. I had low iron and started on supplements and that made my energy level much better. Pa__sed my GD test YEAH!! Have my next ultrasound at 28 weeks for low placenta.


HopeG - March 7

Glad to hear everyone is doing well. We have the nursery almost done. The bed is up and everything but its in the same room as our tanning bed so we still have to move it out before she gets here.. I go for my GD test on the 24th.. I dread it so bad. The drink is so yucky. We now just need to decide on a name for our little princess.


Lindi - March 8

Hi Everyone. I am 27 weeks and feeling ok, apart from having this HUGE belly. I realy think I am big for 27 weeks, even though I have not gained so much weight. It's just my belly that's BIG!!!!! I am so excited and cant wait for our little girl to arrive.... She is kicking very strongly and I felt hickups the other day. We'll be going for the 4D tomorrow - exciting times!!!!!!!.... Excited to start with the nursery - just so many things we are busy with at the moment - will have to start soon I suppose!?


MooBaby - March 8

Hi June Mommies! So nice to hear you are all doing well! I don't know about you, but I CAN'T WAIT to be in the third trimester! So close!! I am due June 16th with my first, a boy. Had a rough go of it at first with severe b/h contractions, carpal tunnel, and a thin cervix. But I am on a modified rest schedule now which helps alot with the contractions. Scary at first, but now that I can manage them better I feel much safer. Anyway, can't wait to meet my baby, starting to get bigger and I am surprised every morning when I look down! He moves all the time and I love it. I never in my life appreciated my body as much as I do now.


Nora1 - March 8

I'm 24 weeks along - due June 29th with a baby boy! Some of your comments made me get tears in my eyes! (Like Tillie's and Moobaby's!) Sometimes it's easy to forget that this is FOR REAL!!! Especially if it's your first, probably. It is such an amazing thing and I can't wait to meet by boy for the first time!!! He kicks and moves around all the time. I am feeling something just below my ribs quite often lately...either a head or a bottom, I am guessing. I'm not sure which way the babies are laying at this point in the pregnancy. But it is so cool to be able to feel him so well now. Good luck everyone! :)


Corrine321 - March 8

Hey! I'm 15 years old.... I'm 25 weeks pregnant! I been feeling okay.. I have mood swings quite a bit also.. I cry and sometimes it seems like for no reason! I gained 11 lbs. so far.. I started out at 108 lbs.... now i'm 119 lbs... My next ultrasound is the 30th of this month! I get to find out if its a boy/girl! The doctor said if he had to guess its a girl, last time the baby's legs were crossed so we couldnt tell...


Nita_ - March 10

Hi gals! I'm in my 25th week and can't believe how big my tummy has grown! From what I hear others say, I don't look pregnant from the back. I'm waddling quite a bit (or at least I feel I'm waddling! LOL). DH & I just came back from our 'one last trip before the baby' trip. We had been to Orlando, FL and had an awesome weather to greet. Of course getting away from the cold here in CT was great. I'm glad we've made this trip in the 2nd trimester caz my energy levels are back up again from the low during the 1st. We had been to SeaWorld one day and had Shamu soak us!! It was a fun time overall and very relaxing! My monthly checkup is next week and I guess I'll have to do the glucose test. Hopefully it wouldn't be as awful as I'm envisioning it to be. What other tests are upcoming? After the miriad of tests during 1st trimester, now it seems all is quiet!


mia - March 14

hello! i'm due june 18th, i will be 27 wks on sunday.We are not sure what our little bubba is going to be as the little monkey had it's legs crossed.I am so excited ,we haven't done the nursery yet and haven't brought any bits either.Have browsed mothercare and babies r us and have seen the buggy i want ,but haven't brought a thing yet what about you guys?


Renee-Marie - March 14

Hi everyone! I'm due June 20th with my first - a boy. My husband and I just finished our registry on Babies R Us - wow - what a big job, but so much fun! I knew babies required a lot of work, but who knew he would need SOOO Many things? :-) We also picked up the crib, but won't put it together until the room is painted. Other than that, just enjoying the time alone with my DH and the sleep filled nights I have left. Can't imagine labor... looking foward to seeing my little peanut...but can't imagine how he's going to get out of me. LOL! :-)


AmyLou - March 17

Hi im due 30th June but have already been told im booked in for a c section on June 16th =) Scary but so glad to get this boy outta me cos he wriggles so much lol.


Tillie - March 20

Hi June Moms! So good to hear how everyone is feeling. When are you all moving to the third trimester board? I will hit 28 weeks on Thursday, which I think means third trimester, doesn't it? Nita, I just did the glucose test--really easy, but be prepared to drink an entire bottle of warm flat orange soda - Robitussin tasting stuff in under 5 minutes. I almost threw up! Maybe I'm wimpy. I'm jealous you're all working on nurserys. We have to empty our really jammed spare room, and I just can't seem to get motivated because we may or may not be moving at the end of the month... my husband is waiting to hear about a job move. So annoying! I'd really like to just make a little baby space and paint it and feel like she has a real home! Renee-Marie, we recently registered for some stuff too--probably about 10 things and it took us three days! We decided not to put everything we need on the registry so we don't overwhelm anybody... and also so that we get only what we really need. Though what we *think* we really need could change once she's born!


Tillie - March 22

Have all you June Mommies left for the third trimester board already? Wait for me!!



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