Junk Food

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Chelsea - June 2

Help me! I crave so much candy and can't help but eat it kind of a lot. I eat other healthy foods too but I really like junk food right now. Should I completely stop or is some okay? It's really hard for me to stop.


Jodie - June 3

I have the same problem. I get headaches and the only way to get rid of them is candy...hehehe. I heard that you have to be really careful with your sugar intake because it's alot easier to become diabetic during pregnancy and also pa__s it on to the baby. I was told to eat fruit instead of sugar...like watermelon and apples etc. So far its working so good. I limit myself to one splurge of candy a day. I am addicted to 3 musketeer bars...yummy!!! Good luck!!


Sarita - June 3

Are yall having boys by chance? With my daughter...healthy all the way...with this son, nothing but junk food! Wondering if its a gender thing.


Chelsea - June 3

I am not sure yet what I am having, I am 13 weeks and I think my Ultrasound is at 18 weeks. I can't wait to find out though!


m - June 3

the only 'candy' i consume is Snickers w/almonds. What kind of candy are you craving? hard candy or chocolates? I don't think you have to stop, but eating lots of candy will take away your appet_te for better foods. And your teeth... don't forget about your teeth. After your pregnancy you'll see just exactly what toll pregnancy can do on them. So brush your teeth more often with a soft toothbrush. Cavities can pop up like CRAZY after birth. A friend of mine had 26 cavities after birth at the first dental visit. Luckily it wasn't all over her front teeth, all in the back.


Chelsea - June 3

Oh my gosh 26 cavaties? Yeah I don't want that. I am craving snickers and twix and kit kats basically anything chocolate. I have been very good today though and I have only had one fun size twix.


m - June 3

Hi Chelsea, ok, when you said candy I was imagining you sitting around eating candy necklaces, and lollipops, and all kinds of stuff like you'd find in a kids halloween bag! Not that candy bars are different, but they are more nutritious than hard candy, etc. so that's a plus. You'll find your cravings will change like the wind. I was loving Reeses cookies for a while, now I can't think about them. I think it's a phase that you'll pa__s through. Good luck!


jessica - June 3

some is okay but if you have trouble controlling your urges then maybe you shouldn't eat any


Chelsea - June 3

Thanks for your answers, I was just seeing if anyone had, had these problems or if they knew anythinga bout it. I hope it pa__ses soon cause I don't want to eat anymore junk but so far I have been really good today. Thanks!


ES - June 3

Ok I am the one with the candy necklaces and candy lipstick. I love Nerds too. I am so into those things. I also ate sour patch kids til my tongue was bleeding. Mine is a girl. I love b__w pops too.


m - June 3

ES, LOL!! Just don't forget to brush your teeth!



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