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Heidi - May 9

I'm 16 wks and my morning sickness was gone before 12 weeks and even though I was nauseated 24/7, I never threw up. I've felt great for the last 4-5 weeks. I don't even feel pg except the headaches. Anyway, last night I ate dinner and got a stomach ache afterwards. I went to the bathroom a couple times and then all of a sudden my mouth started watering really bad and I violently threw up like three times. Then I was just fine. I've never done that before, even before I was pg. It came on within seconds. What I ate for dinner wasn't bad either. I had a cheesy brat and some fruit salad. Then an hour later I got sick. Weird. Anyone else just throw up like that? I guess it just didn't agree with me!


mary - May 9

maybe your brat wasn't cooked all the way through


Heidi - May 9

They're pre-cooked ones so I wouldn't think that was it. I dunno. It sucked though!


KrisD - May 9

The only time that happened to me so far was when I had Chinese food. I threw up (violently) about an hour after dinner - as soon as I got it out of my system I felt fine. I attributed it to the MSG. WHen you say brat, I a__sume that you mean those bratworsts? Perhaps it was the nitrates... I was told no hotdogs, sausages, kielbasa, etc because of the nitrates. Maybe that was your body's way of rejecting it... Just a guess! Otherwise, I'd say it was a fluke thing. But certainly sounds like your body didn't like something!


Heidi - May 9

That's what I figured. Something wasn't right so my body wanted it gone! It was kind of funny. I've never gotten sick like that before. My mom was like, what the hell? After that I ate a hershey bar and some carrot sticks and dip and felt just fine! Maybe they were just too greasy from the grill. Yep, bratwursts. I had them before but this time they just didn't sit right! Could have been something wrong with that pink fluff stuff too. Sure made an interesting mess!


Robyn - May 9

I didnt have any morning sickness untill like 11 weeks, then it was just nausea, and I think the first time I threw up it was just like that. Then it triggered more throwing up morning sickness for me! A few weeks later I was fine. Its all part of the fun of being pregnant.


amanda.d - May 9

I did that once and it was chalked up to just being pregnant.


amanda - May 9

I was the EXACT same way! About a week after the strong morning sickness had subsided I ate Olive Garden, and about and hour later, i threw it all up. I was crying because it was awful! It definately could have been a little bit of food poisoning, but as long as you are ok now. I wouldn't worry about it!!!


Heidi - May 9

Well I had a bad belly ache prior to throwing up but I've been getting those a lot lately after a big meal. Something must have been bad. I think I was the only one to eat the cheese brats too!


Tammy - May 10

I got violently ill after eating Mexican food when I was pregnant with my son. I love it but have not been able to eat it since..Everytime I think about it, I get the watery mouth. Wish I felt that way about chips.....


Amara - May 10

Maybe... your baby didn't like it... :o) Have you been sick lately? After not having stopped morning sickness for a while... it started back somewhat the other day... I went to the hospital and found out I was anemic... the doctor told me, make sure I was taking my iron and prescribed Comprazine... I just took the meds once, and it hasn't happened since...


Heidi - May 10

I told my doc about it yesterday and she said it was something I ate that didn't agree with me after telling her about how quick it came on and the stomach ache. I later told my brother and he said he got a horrible stomach ache that night too so it must have been that pink fluff stuff! Although mom ate it three times and never got sick. Go figure!



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