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kristie h - April 12

Hi Girls, I am currently ttc and i have 1 son who is 16 months old. Well i am here to ask a question, Who monited there bodys when ttc and who let it happend when it happend? and how long did it take to become preggos? with all my pregnancy it took 3 cycles the most. Well i have had 2 miscarriage since my son was born and feel i am getting obssesed with ttc. When i was ttc with my son and my 1st miscarriage i let it happend when it did as i didnt know how to use a computer, whith my 2nd miscarriage i did cm, cp and ovulation calendar for monitoring and nothing happend then i thought ill let loose and let it happen when it does that month i became preganat. Is there anyone elese that was like this? I feel after having 2 miscarriage it will never happen but i have a son to prove me wrong. Any replys will be great i want to hear your stories on ttc.


ThePezChick - April 12

I used over-the-counter ovulation tests. It took 4 months. I found out I ovulate earlier than most people. For 3 months the tests never showed I ovulated (on the 12-14th day). I tested everyday the fourth month. First time it showed I ovulated I got pregnant.


Mellissa - April 12

it took me six months after my m/c to become pregnant. for the first three months i didn't use anything but an ovulation calendar (turns out i wasn't even ovulating). the 4th and 5th months i charted bbt, cm, and cp and used ovulation tests. then the sixth month i didn't chart anything, just went by my cm...and i got pregnant. i told dh after the 5th month that it would just happen when it was meant to..and stopped using ovulation tests and stopped charting and everything. i knew when i was ovulating of course, by my cm, but he didn't know...and i didn't mention it to him because i felt the stress of ttc was making him tense and that had something to do with it not working. so sure enough, him not knowing i was ovulating seemed to help. :) i hope it happens for you soon! i know how hard it is to have one baby, then have a m/c and wonder why it was so easy with the first one and so dificult now!! good luck!!!


kristie h - April 12

Hi Gilrs, Mellissa as i read you post i ahd shivers going all over my body, Maybe your storie was telling me sumthing. I am going to just let it happen when it ment to from now as i find thats is when it does happen. I ma just getting so impatiant but monitering doesnt seem to work for me either.


HannahBaby - April 12

with my 2nd baby ( i got pregnant a few days after my daughter birthday) and even my first baby, I had s_x EVERYDAY!! alot of people say that it lowers the sperm count but i dont know. I got pregnant the first month off the pill with my first, and this time i tried for one month and got pregnant. Alot of ppl complain that they dont get preg but they only have s_x around when they think they are ovulating....and most of them are off on their timings. Try having s_x every night then laying with a pillow under your bum to help gravity along...I am almost 14 weeks....GOOD LUCK!!


skn331 - April 13

I was told I couldnt get pregnant without the use of fertility drugs, so with that said I certainly wasn't "trying". However, once my bf moved in, it took 6 months of unprotected s_x for me to get pregnant. Imagine our suprise. I couldnt be happier! He took a while to come around, but he's excited now too.


fefer1 - April 13

I started charting my BBT and it only took two weeks. :) I had been letting whatever happened happen the prior two months but my periods were all off by two weeks (late), then I got one 2 weeks early and my doctor recommended charting my BBT (basal body temp) and before you know it I was pregnant. I thought it would take me forever to get pregnant but I should have known! My mom and sister are like bunnies! I guess age doesn't make any difference (I was 31, they were under 20). ;)


amyn - April 13

I used OPK's the month we concieved. We beded before I got the positive probably every other day or ever two days, then the day I got the positive we beded, then the next day after that. Good luck



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