Just Asking My Fellow Pregnanted Women

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Raychel - July 22

Hi ladies! How is pregnancy treating yall? Well I have a few questions, and I don't feel like puting like 6 posts up so I'll just ask them all in this one: 1.) I have a tatoo on my lower back, and someone told me I couldn't get an epidural because of it. Is that true? 2.) Hair perms-No or yes? My midwife tells me they're bad and not to do it, my doctor tells me its ok but it probably wouldn't stay in. 3.) Tanning, I like to tan outside, but I'm worried about the baby. Should I put like a towel over my stomach? 4.) I'm 16 weeks today, how many months? Last period April 1st. I'm still waiting for her to move. Well, thank yall very much!


Jackie - July 22

Hi Raychel. I have a tattoo on my lower back and I have not heard anything about not being able to get the epidural. I was told not to get you hair permed or dyed, b/c it's bad for the baby but I also read somewhere that it's okay later on in the preg but it probably wouldn't hold. Tanning outside is okay, the only thing is sun can cause worse stretch marks so try to put a lot of sun screen. I try not to keep my stomach exposed too much b/c I am trying to prevent as many stretch marks as possible. If you are 16 weeks you are 4 months along. You will probably start feeling your baby within the next couple weeks. I really started feeling him at 18 weeks but don't be alarmed if you don't feel him everyday because he is still to little. After 22 weeks you should feel him everyday. I am 20 weeks along right now. Hope that helps.!!


karlie - July 22

Yeh, I read that about perms too, Dr.s and professionals all have very different opinions on the perm thing. #1 besides the thought of a health risk, is that our hair changes so much in thickness, texture, and resilience, that perming it may not even be worth the time and $$. About tanning, I am with you, I love to be tan, but all the books say that the "mask of pregnancy" or blotches on our face, (which i have yet to notice) may be worse with sun, and yes, stretch marks may get worse, but I always have thought that having a tan covers many of my imperfection and makes me look and feel thinner. No harm to the baby though, unless you wear no sumscreen and lay belly up for hours and hours! As far as movement, I think that is one of the most frequently asked questions, I went throught that too a few weeks ago, wondering constantly. I fealt my little one at 19 weeks, and now off and on, mostly everyday, some stronger than others, I am 22 weeks now. Due Nov 27 with baby boy!! Most books do say that if you are not feeling the baby regularly after 28 weeks everyday and strong, then you should call your doctor. So you have plenty of time, dont be worried, and try not to be too anxious! It will happen when you least expect it!! I promise!


Margaret - July 22

hey raychel! I haven't heard anything about the tattoo affecting you getting an epidural. I was told it was perfectly o.k. to get a perm/dye in your hair. I would be careful about tanning though. And how do you know what your having already?


Kelsey - July 22

I too have a lower back tattoo and have heard this terrible "urban legend" of not being able to get an epidural - TOTALLY UNTRUE. I plan to have one and my doctor is a-ok with my tattoo. As for the hair question, I think it's the fumes that doctors worry the most about. Be sure you get lots of fresh air if you decide to have anything done. And the tanning, I agree with the other ladies about preventing blotches and stretch marks. Plus, I get SO HOT so quickly these days (I live in Tampa, FL) that I find I don't even want to sit in the sun. I think as long as you use good sunscreen and not overdo it - you'll be just fine. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy... I'm due just two weeks before you! :)


IF28 - July 25

Hi Mommies: I have a lower back tattoo, that pretty much covers up to my waist line, I've had 2 epidurals and never heard of anything diff. , so feel at ease you can get pain meds. Any exposure to chemicals is really not recommended, remember you'll breathe them in and your baby will be exposed, as far as tanning it's not recommended due to stretch marks and no over exposure. Rememeber when we're pregnanct we are much more delicate in certain areas, just be cautious. As far as baby movement it varies from woman to woman and preg to preg. I felt mine at 13wks, bc I had lost so much weight and my baby practically had no space.( I was really flat till about 6 1/2mo). With my next baby I flet her much sooner, probably bc I knew what I was feeling...don't worry soon you'll baby will kick up a storm and you'll want them to stop so you can get some rest. *smile* And you should be about 4mo. Congratultions!! and Good luck.


Raychel - July 25

Thank yall so much! Yall helped me a lot! Hope yall have peaceful and uneventful pregnancies!


HDF - July 25

Not sure about the rest of your questions: tanning or tatoo (although, I know many women with lower back tatoos and never heard that one.) Perms: I'm a hairdresser and 23 weeks preggo, I've researched this and asked my doctor, research suggests that perming and coloring are safe during pregnancy. Midwife's tend to have an all natural approach so their opinion with often differ from your doctor. The only thing I would say about perming is that the smell may bother you more now that you're pregnant...it does me, I have to smell it almost everyday. Obviously, if you can wait, I would. Some people believe it is a myth that a perm may not take cause you're pregnant, but I believe it (no proof of course), my hair is so strange since I've been pregnant. I think it's hormones and prenatals. As far as kicks, I didn't feel my first one until about 20-21 weeks.


MJM - July 25

Tattoo wont be a problem. I have one on my lower back and they actually put the epidural right into my tat. So that wont be a problem at all. The just have to feel more in order to find the right spot. I may not be able to get an epidural this time around because I had major back surgery and there may be scaring where the cathitor goes in. OUCH



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