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Nicole121306 - June 12

I am almost 14 weeks pregnant and was wondering about someting. If you have no cramping and absolutely no spotting is there still a chance of a miscarriage or do the cramping and bleeding go hand in hand with miscarriage??


sophandbob - June 12

There is always a chance of miscarriage, although that chance decreases ma__sively when you go beyond 12 weeks. cramping and bleeding are signs that you are having a miscarriage or, in my case, a threatended miscarriage. I think it is unlikely you will miscarry a baby without one or both symptoms.


Kim L - June 12

Hi Nicole! I completely agree with sophandbob. 14 weeks is considered a safety checkpoint, and odds of miscarriage have decreased dramatically. :-) You have a very good chance of carrying to term a totally healthy baby! In answer to your question about spotting/bleeding/cramping: I had two miscarriages last year before my current pregnancy, and with both I began bleeding and then cramping. However, some women at the beginning of a pregnancy develop a blighted ovum, which happens when a fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall, but the embryo does not develop. Many of these women have pregnancy symptoms because the HCG hormone is still being produced. For all practical purposes, the body believes that it is pregnant with a baby. Blighted ovums are diagnosed when an ultrasound reveals there is no baby growing. There is also what's called a "missed miscarriage", which is when the baby stops developing but the body never picks up the cue to miscarry. In such cases, there is no bleeding or cramping, and a D&C is often done to clean out the uterus. I hope that answers some of your question at least, but again, be encouraged that you have gotten past the riskiest time in a pregnancy and have a dramatically increased chance of carrying to term now that you are in your second trimester. Congrats on your pregnancy!


Kim L - June 12

Oops! Also meant to add that often in the case of a blighted ovum, there is no bleeding or cramping either although there can be.


Susan W - June 12

And cramping and spotting may not always indicate a miscarriage, either early or late. I cramped and spotted heavily with baby #1 early, so much so that the doctor and my midwife both expected me to lose him. He went to term and was healthy. I lost baby #2 after just some very minor spotting prior to the actual loss at 12 weeks; that was a blighted ovum (no D&C). I'm pregnant again right away, and I cramped and bled heavily until 17+ weeks or so with this one due to a complication with the placenta and still only have a 50-60% chance of going to term. But the baby looks healthy and is very active. I haven't bled in a while, but I have severe cramps a lot. . .. That said, cramping during pregnancy is nothing to worry about usually if it's not terrible or if you've discussed it with your doctor or midwife. Some spotting can be normal, particularly if you have a low-lying placenta, but you should contact your healthcare provider, who may want to see you or have an u/s done. Both cramping and spotting together means you need to call your provider ASAP or go to the ER. . . But the chances are much less for the average woman to have a late miscarriage once she reachs the second trimester.


Kim L - June 12

Yes very true - this is good information too from Susan W. :-)


mindymay - June 12

nicole121306, i doubt you have miscarried. but yes you can miscarry and not have symptoms. i did last october. it is so rare though. you are at a point where its so hard to tell if you are pregnant, first trimester c___p is either leaving or gone, and the second tri stuff hasnt actually started enough to know, unless its not a first child. i was freaking out this time around at 14 weeks. all is good with me, and my soon to be son. take care


Nicole121306 - June 13

Thank you all so much for your help. I guess I am just scared because this is my first baby and I'm sooo very excited!!! I feel much better now. I would have gone to the doctor but i lost my insurance the day after I found out that I'm pregnant. I'm getting married on Friday though so I'll have insurance (that's not why I'm getting married). I hope you all have very happy pregnancies!!!


Kim L - June 13

Nicole congrats on your wedding and baby to top it off! That is so wonderful. I am sure everything will go just great with your pregnancy, don't you worry! Although I think we first-time mothers will do nothing but worry for quite a while...hahaha!



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