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cw - November 15

Hi! I am currently 14 weeks and have an ultrasound on 12/5 scheduled.... I cant wait! I do have a question though... I know that it is an old wives tale about girls heartbeats being faster then boys and today mine was 163. Those of you that know what you are having what is the range of the heartbeats? Thanks!! :)


Babycrazy - November 15

I have also heard this! If you went by the old wise tale you are having a girl!!!!! Mine was 154 so looks like mine is a boy!!!! I know this does not mean anything but it's still fun :) My u/s is on the 11/30 so I will let you all know if it was right ;)


cw - November 15

I have a 8.5 year old boy and I think his was always 140-150.... I think... :) I wish now I would have kept better track.. LOL I cant wait to find out! Is this your first?


cw - November 15

oh and keep me posted on the results :)


ROBYN - November 15

CW - i am having a boy his h/b was in the high 170's for the longest time i am now 24 weeks hes around 150's-160's.


kazforrest - November 16

Im having a boy and its heartbeat has been up at 184, sitting at 170 currently i am 22 weeks.


BriannasMummy - November 16

A lot of people go by this little old wives tale.. except they say that you have to be pa__sed 18 weeks or something like that for the results to be accurate. When I was 14 weeks the hb was at 164 and hes a boy. ~Kristin~


cw - November 16

LOL well I guess I will have to keep guessing until 12/5! :) Another boy would be GREAT with me but then so would a girl.... I guess like everyone else as long as the baby is healthy! Good Luck to everyone!


Mel Page - November 16

Well I'm currently 25 weeks along. At my 8 week appointment the hb was 180. At the 13 weeks one it was 154 and at my last one,21 weeks it was 140 and you guessed it!! I'm having a girl. Good luck babe!!! And what are you hoping for??


joely - November 16

It is a wives tale for sure. My doctors says there is no logic to the heart beat theory. My baby's heartbeat is in the 170's and I think its a boy but slower heartbeats are suppose to be boys. Who knows? I find out Dec 10 at my 18 week appt.


Rainbowbrite - November 16

I am 22 weeks going on 23 weeks and i found out back at the end of October we are expecting a little girl! When we first heard her heartbeat at 12 weeks it was 183. It then fluctuated between 145-170 at other appointments! My mom lives by the old wives tales if it is a boy slower heartbeat and girl faster! And once she heard the heartbeat was at 183 she was set it was a girl! And low and behold she was right!


Mrs.Neves - November 16

I am having a girl! Her HB was 160


JoJo123 - November 16

I am having a girl (found out 10/30 at 20 weeks) and her hb was 155. When I was 5 weeks her hb was 180, when I was 13 weeks her hb was 170. I don't think that works, b/c you never know when the baby will have their jump in hb :) Good luck though!!


Happymommy - November 16

I have two boys and both had quite high heartbeats. My last had a heart rate of 179 only a week before he was born! So that would definitely suggest girl! You can look it up and there have been scientific studies done and there is no scientific credibility--but it is still fun! GL to all of you.


cw - December 5

Well I finally found out today that we are having a GIRL!!! I guess the wives tale worked for me! The baby made it hard for us to see b/c she had her legs together SO tight but finally she gave us a clear shot!! Good luck to everyone!


Faye84 - December 5

my daughters hearbeat was at a 154 the whole pregnancy. and obviously... she was a girl!


Sims1 - December 5

Cherri the predictor said boy, baby's heart beat has been 148-153 for a while.......my friend who is never wrong is guessing a boy........i'm guessing a boy because of all the influence but i have no idea lol. but i'll find out in a months time.



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