Just For Fun Boy Or Girl

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Sims1 - December 5

Cherri the predictor said boy, baby's heart beat has been 148-153 for a while.......my friend who is never wrong is guessing a boy........i'm guessing a boy because of all the influence but i have no idea lol. but i'll find out in a months time.


fefer1 - December 5

I don't know the range but my Dr told me that I was having a boy because the HB was around 140 usually...I had a girl. :) This time, the HB is higher, 165..


Faye84 - December 5

haha ferfer your doc said that? Man they had to feel stupid when they were wrong. haha


little_mommy - December 5

we're finding out TODAY in less than an HOUR if it's a boy or a girl! yay! between 8-16 weeks, the heartbeat was solidly 160's. at our 16-week appointment, it was in the 140's, so i suppose according to the old wives' tale we're having a boy. but i really kind of want a girl.


Faye84 - December 5

good luck!


EricaG - December 5

I had a girl last time and her heartbeat was always in the 160's. This baby's heartbeat is in the 160's also but I don't know what it is yet.


dolphin.girl.25 - December 10

I want a girl so bad, and my babys heartbeat is at 162. So I'm really hoping that old wives tale is true! My next appt. is the 19th and I'm gonna ask the dr. when I can find out the s_x. I'm 15 weeks along now.


dyarcho - December 10

When i went 7 1/2 weeks my babys heartbeat was 103bpm? I am wondering since it was not fast, that its going to be a boy?? i guess we will find out in a couple more months!


sarah21 - December 16

Well I'm having a girl and my first ultrasound at 13.5 weeks, the heartrate was nearly 170 bpm. At my next appointment at 18 weeks it was 140 and it stays around 140, which is actually on the low side, and she's active with that heartrate, so it doesn't work in my case.


mstcr1 - December 26

My son was always in the 150's, now I am 17 wks and the heartbeat had always been in the 150's too so I figured boy - NOPE ! I had an ultrasound a few days ago and it's a girl !! According to the chinese calendar it was a boy. So much for old wives tales !!



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