Just For Fun If You Know Your Baby S Gender

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Emily - February 17

go to http://www.amazingpregnancy.com (make sure there are no dashes) go to the link that says predicting baby's gender. Take teh test and see if it's right......Let us know...mine by the way was wrong. 60% chance of a boy and 40% chance of a girl. Wrong it is def a girl......she was baring all durring the u/s! lol!


melanie - February 17

Mine said 60% chance girl and it's right, but all of the chinese predictors and wive's tales say boy, But I't's def a girl


letgo0527 - February 18

Mine said 60% GIRL AND 40%Boy. mines a boy.


Em - February 18

Mine also said 60% chance girl, but he is most definitely a boy! So it was wrong for me, and so was the Chinese calendar, but I totally carry out in front, so in that sense, old wive's tales were right..


Been There - February 18

The Chinese calendar says boy (YEAH!), but this one is saying girl. But that's tainted since I can't answer the kicking questions yet. I find out on Tuesday and I'm hoping for a boy. Go Chinese Calendar!


Corrine321 - February 18

Mine says 60% chance of girl and 40% chance of boy.. and im having a girl!


Ash - February 20

67% boy/33% girl - and I AM having a boy!!


ShellyC - February 20

For me it said 67% chance girl/33% chance boy...I'm having a girl :) The Chinese calendar was wrong for me.


Lani - February 20

Mine said I had a 73% chance of a boy - and I am having a boy


wendy - February 20

Chinese calander said girl, the predicter said %60 chance of girl. I'll find out tomorrow (hopefully if the baby's not too modest) and let you know if they were right


Renee-Marie - February 20

60/40 Boy and I am having a boy. I think all those silly questions are just that - SILLY. And I get a huge kick out of people telling me that I'm having a girl by the way I am carrying. I just LOVE the look on their faces when I tell them I'm having a boy and they say "Are you sure?" --- Yes, I am sure!!!!! LOL


Nita - February 21

I wanted to try this out but for the life of me can't find the link for predicting baby's gender. Must be my pregnancy brain that's making the site foggy!


Tillie - February 21

Nita, I think this is it: www.amazingpregnancy.com/oldwivestales/index.phtml


Tillie - February 21

It said 79% chance GIRL for me, and it's right. I'm having a girl. Whether or not the questions are silly, this test was correct for 7 out of 9 of us--that's 78% of the time! Not bad.


Prissanna - February 22

80% girl 20% boy - It's definately a boy!


Krista - February 22

My chinese calendar says Girl...and so does this...73% girl 27% boy...BUT baby gendor mentor says boy and so did my card reader...I'm confused. I'll have my ultra sound on March 5th so we'll see...


Nita - February 22

Thanks for the URL tillie. Some of the questions I couldn't really tell yet (ex the kicking), but mine came back with 87% girl and 13% boy. My u/s showed girl. :)



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