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MNMOM - February 14

Well, it's another boy for me. The chinese calendar did me wrong this time. Also, this entire pregnancy has been the opposite of my sons, the heartbeat has been 160 and my first sons was always 140. It's not that I am ungrateful, I am very thankful I am having a healthy baby. At the same time, I am mourning the loss of all my dreams of pink and ballet and ponytails.


jodie - February 14

Congrats on the boy!! Sorry about your loss...lol!! I have a 15month old son and we find out on tuesday what we are having. I am hoping for a girl too...but will be just as happy with a healthy baby boy!!!


bl - February 14

Mnmom, I'm also having my second boy and thought that this one could be a girl since this pregnancy has been so different. I too felt a bit sad about missing out on all the cute girlie stuff! I found out the gender at 15 weeks and now I'm almost 20. I have to tell you that now I'm more than excited to have another boy. Just think how close your boys will be to each other. The thing I know is that I love my son more than anything in this world and I can't wait to feel the same way about my next little boy.


krnj - February 14

Hi, I can relate! I'm having another boy as well. Believe me I'm happy that my baby is healthy. I really thought it was a girl this time since this pregnancy was so different than the last. I'm starting to get excited about having another boy.


MNMOM - February 15

Hi girls: Thanks for posting back. I know I will get a handle on these feelings but right now it is a process I have to get through, thanks for being so kind and understanding. I can't help feeling let down by my husband and even by this baby, I know how horrible and irrational that sounds but my feelings right now are pretty raw and I am on edge.


bl - February 15

mnmom, I bet in a week or two your mind will have a chance to adjust to the thought of another boy and things will start to feel better.


jessicaspatherapist - February 15

congrats mnmom, i'm sure your son is going to love having a younger brother....my husband always wanted one and got 2 younger sisters, so he really hopes our first is a boy. well, we'll know next week!


MNMOM - February 15

Good luck Jessica! Let us know what you find out! BTW, I saw your belly pic - so cute! You have nice skin!! bl: Thanks, I know you are right, I just need time.


bl - February 15

You know what also helped, I started to deorate the room with all new bedding and pretty much all new room decor. Just because you're having another boy doesn't mean it has to be the same. I've even bought some new clothes and that made me get excited.


MNMOM - February 15

that's a good tip bl. Right now I am too upset to even discuss names or care much about decorating but I am sure I will come around.


mamaof3 - February 15

Oh I know EXACTLY how you are feeling. I have three boys and I cried when I found out with my second and broke down when i found out i was having my third boy! After acceptance kicks in all will be fine and you will just be thankful to be having a healthy baby. I am 6 weeks pregnant with my 4th and last. I am praying that it's a girl.. god help me if it's not! lol


MNMOM - February 15

Mommaof3: THanks for sharing. It helps to know I am not alone. I bawled immediately when the tech told me it was a boy. I had no interest in the rest of the appt. I feel horrible about all of that. You are very brave for trying for #4! Part of why I was so upset was because we never planned on having more than 2, so I feel like I have to let go of so many dreams.


DownbutnotOUT - February 15

mnmom congrads on the boy. I guess I was lucky i had 2 boys than a girl and this pregnancy i was told another boy, i actually would have liked another girl but as long as the babies healthy. maybe next time around if your brave enough I hope your wishes come true and you get your pink nursery.


MNMOM - February 16

downbutnotout: Thanks so much for your kind words. My hubby and I have talked about possibly a third, a baby girl that we would adopt. We'll see, that would be a few years away and a lot can change in that time. We are trying to remember that this is God's plan for us.


jenshim - February 16

This is pregnancy #5 for me. FOUR girls in a row. My youngest daughter is 8. I gave up. Ex and I divorced. I never thought I would have any more children. I am pregnant now and having a BOY!! I completely understand your disappointment. The third and fourth time I was depressed and so sad. I think I grieved the son I never thought I would have. I hope you get your girl someday (:


TamaraAngel - February 16

Mnmom - I think every parent dreams of having one of each... but most kids would prefer to have a sibling of the same s_x (it seems). I'm sure your son will LOVE having a brother and what a special bond! I can understand your disappointment, though. I had my heart set on a baby girl (this is my first). I am very girly and love pink, feminine things. I feel i have very little to offer a little boy b/c i'm single and i'm not into sports, or nature, or anything even remotely masculine. But, i'm sure i'll learn fast! I keep telling myself that a few years down the road, i probably wont be able to imagine my life being any other way! And adoption is such a wonderful idea. I have always dreamed of adopting a baby girl from China! You are blessed with two children... congrats on your U/S and healthy baby!


MNMOM - February 16

Thanks to all of you for sharing some thoughts with me. It really helps. Right now this is my sanity. I never had a sister, only brothers, so I am thrilled that my son will have a brother. But as I told my husband last night, I feel like I will be outnumbered in my house, it's going to be all boys and sports and I will be left out. My son looks exactly like my husband and I'm betting the next one will too, I always imagined having a little girl that would look like me and I could paint her nails and do her hair and all those things that moms dream of doing with their daughters.



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