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MNMOM - February 16

Thanks to all of you for sharing some thoughts with me. It really helps. Right now this is my sanity. I never had a sister, only brothers, so I am thrilled that my son will have a brother. But as I told my husband last night, I feel like I will be outnumbered in my house, it's going to be all boys and sports and I will be left out. My son looks exactly like my husband and I'm betting the next one will too, I always imagined having a little girl that would look like me and I could paint her nails and do her hair and all those things that moms dream of doing with their daughters.


sonia989 - February 16

Well. don't give up hope. There's always the possibility that he might be gay. Imagine all the fun you could have- going shopping, letting him do your hair, exchanging recipes...


Melissa32179 - February 16

OH MY GAWD!!!! That is hillarious. I LOVE IT!!!!! MNMOM: I cried like a baby laying on the table with the ultra sound tech when they told me my first was going to be a boy. Like some one else said...I could not ever imagine having a girl now. BOYS LOVE THIER MOMS!!!!!! Enjoy them both


lily10 - February 16

MNOM, my friend felt dissapointed when she found out she was having another boy. She really had her heart set on a girl this time and to make matters worse 4 of us close friends are all prego together and the rest of us are having girls. It took her a couple weeks to get used to the thought of another boy and now she is extremley happy and just gave birth to him (Zachary) last night!! I think your son will love having a baby brother to grow up and bond with. BTW, the chinese calander was wrong for me as well. Congrats on your baby boy!!!!!


MNMOM - February 16

sonia: we apparently don't share the same humor. lily10: thanks, and you are right, boys adore their moms and girls probably don't have that appreciation until they are like 23 or something! :)


pebblesnbambam - February 16

The chinese calendar also is telling me girl... all of them actually and this pregancy is different from my last with my son.. I think we get our hopes up for a girl... or boy.. depending on what you already have. I too would love to experience a little girl... but know how much boys LOVE their moms... that if I have another boy.. that is just that much more love for me.. Girls love their moms too.. but something about a love of a son for their moms!! I recently was exposed to fifths disease and had an ultrsound today to see if it has affected my baby.. luckly after 20 weeks the risk of miscarriage or still birth from fifths goes way down.. but it put into perspective for me that I am just soooo DARN thankful for this miracle.. boy or girl... as long as this baby makes it into this world and into my arms... I will forever be thankful for it! Good luck to all of you!


MNMOM - February 16

Pebbles:did you find out what you are having? :)


BiancaM - February 17

Hi girls. I sort of know how you feel. This is my first and I am 14 weeks pregnant. I am so terrified yet excited to go to my ultrasound. I really want a boy. I've always dreamed that my first was a boy. I'm scared that if it's a girl I won't be happy. My mom thinks I'm acted silly and should be happy with what I get. The chinese gender predictor said girl so I'm hoping it's wrong. I fond out march 29th so still a way to go.


MNMOM - February 18

Bianca: We all have some expectations of what we want and why, of course in the end we are happy with what we get :) Let us know when you find out!


DownbutnotOUT - February 18

Sonia LMAO! I know this is kinda weird but when I do my daughters hair in the morning my 2nd son insists I brush his hair and give him a samuri top knot. he looks so cute and he gets mad if I dont do it but than he likes to shave with daddy. On the other hand my daughter likes to be the princess and dress up but than get down and dirty with her brothers. kids lol.


BiancaM - February 19

Thanks MNMOM. I have been dreaming of a baby girl so that might be a sign. I know either way I will love that baby more than anything in the whole world. I guess it's just the disappointment that I'm afraid of. I will get over it though :) I'm thinking of getting an earlier ultrasound to find out... I'm just so impacient!


jen327 - February 19

Well MNMOM, may I join your party :) I just found out today I am having a BOY! I already have 1 and him and my husband are two peas in a pod. I am happy the baby seems healthy, but a bit bumbed about my hopes of girlly things, and no, I don't want to do them with a boy nor would I think that is funny. I am just really a bit bumbed. I know everyone is telling me how lucky I am and how happy they are, but I am still a bit sad. I don't want anymore kids so this was my last shot. But we do have two girl dogs so I guess the house is at least even on the s_xes side. My DS is 11, we tried for years to get pregnant, and finally quit, and wow, here we are, after a medication change for PCOS. My DS is at the age now where he is into fasion as far as "Cool" clothes, and wants to pick out all his oversized jeans and skater shirts, so at least we do that together, but I want the dresses and bows and nails too. My DH joked we could alwas adopt a girl, that was not very funny and he wonderd why I seemed sad when he sad, that, I am hoping I get past my saddness soon, but wanted to join in and say, WOW I am glad I am not alone :)


MNMOM - February 19

Jen327: I am so happy to hear another woman honestly and openly echo my exact thoughts. The other night my hubby held my while I just sobbed on his shoulder for at least 10 minutes and just got it all out of me, explained to him how I grew up with 2 brothers and was left out and now will have 2 sons and will feel left out again and will be living in a world of sports and fishing and things that I won't be included in, and how my son looks exactly like his father and I am certain this next one will too and how I always thought that if I had a daughter she would look like me and how there will never be pink blankets to buy or ballet receitals, and how in the one minute I was told it was a boy and I was supposed to just let go of all my expectations and dreams and be ok with that? I need time to mourn those first!!! And how come everyone thinks the perfect family is one boy and one girl, and how come all my friends had one of each and I am the only one that couldn't "get it right"???? Anyway, the fact that he understood and listened and just supported me helped a lot. I am still not at all excited right now to be pregnant, that wind was taken out of my sails but I am sure in time it will find me again, at least I am hoping so.


jen327 - February 19

Totally understand. From the day DH and I met it was always a joke that his family only has boys. And he is being really supportive and knows I am sad. I am happy my baby looks so healthy, but still wish it was a girl. I played in my mind how i would react when they said ITS A BOY. And I cried. I did not feel the joy I knew I would if they said girl. I know it is what it is, and want to be happy, I really want to be happy, but right now I am feeling a sense of loss. I know that in the grand scheme of things a boy is better for my DS since he is 11 and he will bond better with a boy I think. And DH is probably going to do well with another boy. But my dreams of long hair and nails and shopping and "Girl Talk" is gone. I always wanted my DH & DS to go off while my DD and I shop. I hope that I soon find the joy, I know that these days the clothes for boys are cute too, when my DS was a baby, they were plain for boys. And I do LOVE football and my DH hates fishing :) and my DH is into computers and is teaching our son to program a little so I know there are things I can do. I have taught my son to cook and paint. I am very close to my DS I just hope I can get past this so I can bond with this DS. My girlfriend had 2 girls and deperatly wanted a boy, she had to find out too because she knew she would greive but wanted to get it over with. She did for about a week, then started shopping for boy things. I think what is the WORST part about it is people are making me feel terriblly GUILTY for feeling sad. Screw that, I am allowed to greive over the loss of my dreams and hopes for a daughter. I will love my son with the same love I have form my DS today and will get over this before he is born, but as for today, I am freaking p__sed off :) But that is why I came here, so I could feel p__sed and YELL and SCREAM. And honestly the gay comment was not appropriate at all and made me even more mad. Sorry had to say that too. AHHHHHHHHHH feeling much better!


kpeck - February 19

I was just reading an article on this today. We just found out we are having a girl for our first and I think that both my husband and I were disappointed. I have been trying to think of all the great things involved in having a girl, and so far, that is working for me. I guess I can't put the website/URL on here... but you could probably google "gender disappointment" or something. It was a pretty interesting article and I think it might help you.


jen327 - February 19

I find it ironic, I opened my email tonight and that article was in there, from babyzon. Well here is the url, remove the spaces between the w's w w w .babyzone.com/pregnancy/fetal_development/genetics_gender/a1142



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