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moescrilla - February 21

luckily, I like hunting and fishing and other outside sports, so I will at least have that in common with my son(s) (not sure what this one is yet). I will probably feel the way jen does if they tell me its a boy. I think I'll be really excited, and let down at the same time. I would love to have another boy, but I do want a girl too, since this will probably be my last. So, what God gives me is what God gives me. If I end up feeling a little down, I know I have this site to help me through it! I dont however think its right to tell other women how horrible it is they feel that way. I guess its horrible too to have post partum depression?? Because if you think that, than probably 70 percent of mothers would be considered "horrible". Thank Goodness some people are "supermom" and are so PERFECT. But, I prefer being HUMAN.


meleg79 - February 22

"You clearly don't have any understanding of this topic, and hence this probably isn't the posting thread that you should be commenting on." I find it so puzzling that people post in a public forum yet don't want to hear differing opinions. I have just as much right to post as anyone here. I didn't personally insult you in any way, nor was I "blunt". I'll tell you what I will do in the future: anytime I see the names in this forum that have made it clear they can't handle differing opinions, I'll simply steer clear. Fair nuff?


MNMOM - February 23

meleg: My point was that you took what I was saying completely wrong. My saying that I had hoped for a girl with this pregnancy IS NOT THE EQUIVALENT of my being disappointed IN THIS CHILD and DOES NOT MEAN I AM SHALLOW, nor is anyone else these things who honesty shares similar feelings about gender in their babies.


melpalmer7 - February 28

MNMOM- I know exactly how you feel! I have 3 boys. I really wanted the first two to be boys, but I just knew my 3rd was a girl! I felt soo different. I was really sad when I found out I was having another boy. He is now 17 mos. and they are so fun together! I am planning on getting preg. this summer. One last shot I guess. Of course you love your babies no matter what they are, it is completely normal and ok to feel how you do!!! Good luck!!!!


c_baer19 - February 28

I was going to suggest what Moescrilla suggested, instead of making fishing and things like that a father-son activity, YOU can take your son fishing! Or you can at least go with them and make it a family outing. Boys do love their mothers =) This is my first, and I am hoping for a boy but have a feeling it might be a girl (we find out March 9th), and if we do, she is still going to go fishing and camping, I liked to do those things when I was little and was never a tomboy! You can share in the boyish fun with your new son - I know that's not much help, lol. I know that I will be upset at first if we are having a girl, naturally, but of course I'll be happy as long as the baby it healthy.


MNMOM - February 28

melpalmer7: Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate it! I am feeling better about it. It is all God's plan and who knows, maybe there will be a third baby for us down the road. CBAER19: I know what you are saying, I actually already do take my son camping and fishing twice every summer at my family cabin. It's not that I won't be sharing in the fun and excluding myself, it's just that there are some things that we won't do together like I would with a girl.


lawlady72 - March 1

My cousin was so disappointed that the ultrasound showed she was having another girl at 16 weeks that she cried and went home and stayed in her room for 2 days. When she miscarried at 17.5 weeks she was devestated and couldn't believe she was so upset about the s_x of her child.


suze42 - March 1

think past experience can play a role in expectation. I have one DS4, and devasting 2 m/c after. So w/this pg, I had NO preference of s_x...i couldnt have chosen if I had to!. A second boy would have fit in very nicely, we have all the stuff and im crazy about my DS. But a girl is a different experience...so either way I was fine. Turns out Im having a girl...and Im thrilled...a little freaked. Really the only difference to me is what I will be shopping for. And Im not really a big shopper...so its all the same in the end..my sweet sweet child. I cant wait. MNMOM, you're a smart, good mom, and will come around Im sure, probably have already. Youre gonna have 2 little sweet boyfriends and then 2 strapping fellas who will be protective and take care of their mom. Moms and Sons have a very very special bond too. But I have a feeling i dont have to tell you this.. GOOD LUCK!!! and congrats



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