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Autumn - May 10

Hi, I just found out about my pregnancy. I am now 5 months pregnant. i had periods the whole time. Just wondering if any one else had the same thing happen. Do you have healthy babies/kids now? I really would like to know. Thanks


shaz - May 11

OMG!!! wow!how many weeks are you?what happened?


<Amy> - May 11

Hi my cousin didn't know she was pregnant utill she was 5 months, however she didn't have periods (they told her she had hormonal problems) and every test she took said negative and still probably would now, it got to the point where the doctor could feel the baby. Her baby was due on sun so she'll give birth any day now! She said she was glad she found out late because the wait from 5 months was bad enough lol. How did you find out you were pregnant?


Autumn - May 11

I didn't think I was pregnant until I was 3 months along . I did hpt and blood test both negative. Doctor told me I wasn't pregnant. Then at 4 months, I did another test and acoarse negative. Doctor did an internal exam and said my uterus felt little enlarge. She ordered a u/s. 2 days after u/s. the doctor called and said I was 20 weeks pregnant. I had periods the whole entire time. I will likely get one this month. This is my first pregnancy. Have any of you had this happen? So far the baby look healthy. Doctors can't explain why my tests are negative and I have periods. Thanks for asking.


shaz - May 11

when did u feel ur baby move?or have you yet?


Autumn - May 11

No movement yet. My stomach is round and I feel pregnant. My due date is Sept 5. I am still in shock. Anyone else having bleeding while pregnant. It would be nice to hear about it.


~S~ - May 11

Whoa! that would scare me, first not knowing I was 5 months pregnant and then bleeding the entire time. Well, I'm glad to hear everything is okay with you and the baby. You'd better start taking those prenatal's now, your baby will need them. Your due date is close to mine, I'm due between Aug 26th - Sept 3. You have felt the baby move yet? My baby is kicking like crazy, morning day and night. It's a wonderful feeling once you get to experience it.


Autumn - May 12

Last night I felt the baby move! Now i feel so much better. I have benn taking vitamins for a couple months now. Every since i have been testing. Thanks


KIM - June 1

I have been nauseous for the past month. Thought I was pregnant, took a test, negative. Then had my period. But was still feeling sick and dizzy. Took another test about a week later. Still negative. Not my nausea is subsiding, but my b___bs are starting to hurt? Think I could be pregnant. But keep telling myself it is in my head because of the two negative HPT. ? What do you think?


... - June 2

Doesn't add up...you said you just found out you're pregnant and yet you said you'd been taking vitamins for TWO MONTHS now? You'd been testing, while you're bleeding---so you psyched that even with these non-pregnant indicators-- you knew you were just prego?


Laura - June 10

I am also 5 months pregnant. I havent had any bleeding but my sister who has 2 sons did. They are 9 and 1 and are both very healthy. The 9 year old is extremely smart and awesome at football baseball and soccer. good luck. i hope everything goes well with you.



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