Just Had 20 Wk Ultra Sound And They Want To Do Another US

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moe - October 3

I just called my Dr to see the date of my next appointment and she told me MOnday the 10th and that I have an US and I said no I just had my 20 wk US and she said that the tech wants to do another one... I am worried to death they are supposed to call me back and tell my why, but has anyone had this happen to them....???? When the Dr schedules another US right after they just had one, plese h__lllp


C - October 3

I had my first US at 18 weeks. Due to the position of the baby, i have to go back in when i'm 22 weeks cause they could only get one picture of the heart. they a__sured me everything is fine (so did my dr), but sometimes the baby is not cooperating and they can't see everything. I wouldn't worry. You should call and ask them the reason you are coming back. They have to tell you. Good luck.


MJM - October 3

My friend has to get another us and she just had one. She needs to get one done because they could not see the kidneys or the frontal view of his face. All normal things. Sometimes the baby just does not want to sit still or strike the right pose for the tech. Dont worry at all. If there was some concern they would have told you already.


jb - October 3

Just like C and MJM i have to go back for a second one next week. They couldnt get a good shot of the heart or the face the way the baby was laying. So maybe it is nothing to worry about. I hope all is okay. Let us know when you find out.


Kate and Baby - October 3

I am 24 weeks just had my 20 week ultrasound done. I was 22 weeks and not 20 weeks but anyway, They were not able to get his spine or his Kidneys good b/c I gave him Sunny Delight before the Ultrasound. Just a little, my mom said that it woud wake him up and he would move so then his legs wouldn't be crossed. Your doctor has to tell you if there is something wrong. Get a good night rest and be happy you can see your little one again. Isn't it so amazing? Have a good night ladies. Good luck



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