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Mandy1984 - June 6

I just got back from my 20 weeks scan (6/6/06), Baby is fine only measuring 20W 4D I should be 22W 2D but the Doc is not going to change my dates because my other girls were only 5lbs at birth so it looks like another small baby... I was convinced it was a boy and really hoping for a boy so was a little surprised its a Girl, I am thankful she is ok, I think we will call her Emmily Rose


Mandy1984 - June 6

I have just uploaded my scan picture, www.1984mandy1984.piczo.com Take out any dashes that appear. Its under the 'new pregnancy pics' page


Neets - June 6

Mandy, glad all's well with your baby. I like your choice of name too x


DJ - June 6

Glad everything's well. I had my 20 week scan almost 2 weeks ago I'm 22 weeks today and it's a boy. My first (3 years old) is a little girl. So you know my dh is happy. I haven't settled on a name yet but I like Aiden. I keep hearing it's too popular but I know nobody with that name so that's too bad.


Kristin72 - June 6

Congratulations!! Love to hear the good news!!Keep it up! XO Kristin


AmyF - June 6

I had my 20w scan last week too :) I actually had one at 16w which is where they announced it's a boy and at my 20w checkup, the dr said 'there is absolutely NO DOUBT"- YAY! Dh is excited. :) I'm at high risk, so I have a comprehensive scan this Thursday to check out all his organs to make sure they're all okay. (I was in the hospital 2 weeks ago, so they're rushing all of this)


mandee25 - June 6

My first ultrasound is scheduled for July 7th and I can't wait. I heard Peanut's little heart beat again yesterday at the doctor's office and it's exciting!


Mandy1984 - June 6

I am starting to get excited now, still don't think its sunk in that I'm having another girl as I keep referring to bump as 'he' lol. The scan was great she kept putting her feet into her mouth and sucking them, At least I won't have a thumb sucker, Not that a 'toe' sucker is an improvement lol Good luck for everyone waiting for there scans and CONGRATS to everyone on their pregnancies


Perl - June 6

Mandy, congratulations on a great 20 week scan! There was a recent discussion on another board about how the measurements have been off for so many woman so it's good your Dr is keeping your dating as is. I'm looking forward to my 20 week scan in July. ****About the name. . .it's a gorgeous name on it's own. I thought you would want to be aware (in case you aren't already aware) that there is a not so good movie made recently (about a year ago?) that has 'Emily Rose' as part of the movie t_tle. Please don't let it creep you out because it really does not mean anything. It's a beautiful name regardless. But here's something to consider: my 14 year old niece is named Emily Rosemary and she has been teased terribly by kids at school to the point of tears because of the movie name. By the time your daughter is a young girl, the movie will most likely be forgotten. Just thought you should know in case you hear any unflattering comments from insensitive people----I would hope not but you never know how some people can be so surprisingly rude. Sorry, but I thought you'd want to know sooner rather than later. Congratulations again on a great scan! Also, you should know that one of my friends was told TWICE based on ultrasounds that she was having a girl and she was surprised that it turned out to be a boy!! She had already bought everything in pink for her 2nd baby who she expected to be a girl but luckily her firstborn was a boy (he was 2 at the time) so she recycled big brother's baby clothes. My point is that sometimes doctors make mistakes when they are determining the gender of the baby.


Mandy1984 - June 6

hey, Perl your abos___tely right about the name, I am soooo dumb!! I knew I had heard that name from somewhere, my goodness how could I forget something like that, I don't think her name will be emily-rose lol maybe emily-ruth that was my 2nd choice. I wouldn't really mind if the scan was wrong as everything I have bought so far is pretty neutral as i didn't know the s_x until today. I won't be buying too many outfits as I have came across 13 full outfits still with tags on them I recieved as gifts from one of my other kids, I got so many baby gifts that most were never used lol. Thanks perl for the tip of about the name..... I probably (well hopefully) would have remembered eventually where I had heard the name


mandie - June 6

Congrats. Always nice to hear good news. My next appointment is on Monday, I will be 17 weeks at the time. I just moved, so it will be with a new doctor. Hopefully we will schedule my scan then. I can't wait to find out what it is! I still have like 3 and a half weeks or so to go. The time goes by quickly when you think backwards (where I was three weeks ago) but seems to take forever when you think ahead to something you're looking forward to!


scarlett - June 7

Nice pictures. I'll be having my detailed scan next week(at my 21st week) and I'm pretty excited =) I hope everything's gonna be ok. My last scan was done at 16wks++.


Taffy - June 7

I love the name. Can I suggest it to DH?


Mandy1984 - June 8

Hey Taffy, yea sure mention the name lol, I am from N.Ireland so it wouldn't be v.smart to use an irish name (because of the troubles catholic/protestant) so an English name is the next best thing. Perl reminded me when I must of heard the name, the recent film 'THE EXCORCISM OF EMILY-ROSE' So i think i'm gonna go with emily-Ruth



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