Just Pregnancy Bleeding

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mommy2bagain - November 26

h__lo ladies, I went to the doctor a few days back because I thought I was having a miscarriage. To my surprise they told me it was just some sort of pregnancy bleeding but are unsure of the exact cause. I am on bed rest for just in case purposes. Here is my question: If you were to experience a miscarriage how long generally would it take before you start to lose your symptoms?


mommy2bagain - November 26

Do any of you ladies know when your symptoms should start to fade if you were to have a miscarriage?


sarah21 - November 26

How far along are you? If you are in your second trimester, it's most likely bleeding caused by your placenta moving or just cervical irritation. If you were to miscarry, you would more than likely experience some symptoms like cramping and heavy bleeding. Another possible source of bleeding could be an internal hemorrhoid. I know because I had one and it busted and I had blood everywhere and freaked. As long as your Dr. was okay with it, I would try to not be too worried and let things proceed and see what happens.


Whisper - November 27

When I had my mc I still had my symptoms until the day i mc, then they all started to go away afterwards... except morning sickness which barely even came in the first place, so it wasnt something I really "noticed" being gone - cause it wasnt ever really there. It can be different for everyone, but generally symptoms last as long as some hcg does ... which usually is still in our bodies even weeks after a mc, so its really hard to judge a mc by symptom loss. On a bright note, 2nd tri mc's are really rare overall, and if your doc thinks your okay, listen to him/her. I'm sure they prolly know more than anyone can tell ya in a web forum :) GL, get lots of rest, and lots of water. I'm sure everything will be fine. KUP.



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