Just Tested Positive For GBS

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sam76 - February 9

Hi Ladies, I've just been tested for GBS and it was positive, Has anybody else had this and what was the outcome, I've look on the net and read so my horror stories im really frightened. Any advice would be greatx


jennifer_33106 - February 9

Hey! I tested pos also. It really isnt as bad as you read on the internet. Dont worry. All that is going to happen is you get a round of antibiotics (usually penicillian unless you are allergic, then you get the alternate) every 4 hours I think my doctor said. If your water breaks then you need to go into L&D right away. Yes it CAN cause complications for baby but the risks of that even without the antibiotics are very low. I do know that my doctor told me that I would have to stay in the hospital 48 hours after I give birth to make sure Me or the baby are not showing adverse reactions. You could have 100 other things that are far worse, so dont worry. Testing pos is actually not as uncommon as you read on websites. It is nothing you did. Dont worry. It isnt that bad. :)


jennifer_33106 - February 9

Also how far are you? I thought they only did the GBS test when you Group B Strep test when you were about week 35?


sam76 - February 9

Hi Jennifer I'm 15 weeks, keep on having thrush all the time gbs pop up when they done the swabs. thanks for replyingx


sarah21 - February 9

They do GBS here at 36-38 weeks because it can come and go. My midwife says that if I test positive for it, she recommends taking echinacea-- it is an herb that is not safe early in pregnancy but towards the end is okay. It has been proven more effective than antibiotics against GBS. Also there is something that they make that you can squirt up there to get rid of the bacteria.


cors1wfe - February 10

SAM - I had that with my first baby and I had the antibiotics and the baby had meconium in his water but there were no adverse reactions....and staying 48 hours depends on doctor because if your doctor is confident you got 2 rounds of antibiotics before you give birth then usually the need for a 48 hour stayis not necessary and you can go home and just watch for any fever to develop. Don't be scared - lots of women test positive for GBS it's really not that big of a deal like Jen said if this is your first baby there are 100 other things that are far worse! Like not getting to the hospital in time for your epidural which is my concern since this is baby number 3 for me! GBS is really actually more common now a days - just think 100 years ago they couldn't test for all of the stuff they scare the c___p out of us for now anyway!


lunamoo - February 10

Hi Sam with dd1 I was negative, with dd2 I was positive. I did lots of research and still decided on a home birth without antibiotics. We took precautions, for example having to deliver within 18 hours of water breaking, taking my temp during labor and carefully monitoring my dd after birth. Even if I would have had a hospital birth, I would not have even had time for one round of antibiotics as I she came out so fast! Personally I think there is so much hype to instill fear and therefore take antibiotics. Guess who makes all the money?!?!


fefer1 - February 10

They give you antibiotics so I wouldn't stress too much. It's pretty common.


sam76 - February 11

Thanks girls for replying. Im so fed up of all this worry. I wish i could wake up in 6 months time and it's all over, but as my friends keep telling me when the baby arrives I'll have more to worry about then and for the rest of they lives.x



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