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TamaraAngel - February 4

A good friend of mine is pregnant after two years of TTC. I couldn't be happier for her, yet i'm confused by her "dates." I conceived in October and i'm due in July... she just found out she's pregnant (end of Jan) and said her due date is August 19? I know she took a pregnancy test in Dec and another one in the middle of Jan and both were negative... but the most recent test was positive. She said she didn't get her period in Dec or Jan (which is kinda normal for her b/c she has irregular periods). But i guess she is assuming she concieved in November b/c of the missed periods? Is it possible that she has been preggers since Nov. yet getting neg test results for two months? Or is it possible that she concieved in Jan. even though she didn't get her period? I know she hasn't confirmed the pregnancy w a blood test yet, but she would have to really be pregnant if the HPT (she tried two different ones) says so, right? I just don't want her to be disappointed and i'm keeping my fingers crossed for her....


lombowith1 - February 4

it is possible, though not super common, to have low hormone levels that don't trigger a pregnancy test. She should get an eartly u/s to date her pregnancy so she would have an accurate eta!!


jen327 - February 4

I am due August 5th and my last period was 10/30. I have heard of this, but it is very uncommon. I agree, she should have an u/s confirm her progress.


Maggie - February 4

Yes, definately possible. I conceived my son in late November, found out mid-January, and gave birth August 29. I just didn't put all my symptoms together and thats why I found out almost 8 weeks in.


DownbutnotOUT - February 4

with my 1st pregnancy my LMP was around december 18 or 19, 2000 and I had several pregnancy tests at the drs and all came up -, I wasent too concerned because at this time I had a period once every 4 months but i was having pregnancy symptons. well it wasnet till about later on my dr insisted I take another test, which I did and I went in for a u/s only to discover I was 15 1/2 weeks pregger (about 14 1/2 weeks when I got the + test). I had tried for 3 years ttc before i got preggers.


sahmof3 - February 4

I think the most likely thing is that she's not as far along as she thinks. It does seem she's going by her LMP. I have very irregular periods, too, and if I had gone by them the due date I came up with would have been too early (ie: with my youngest I had a period on Sept. 11, but I KNOW when I conceived from temp charting and it wasn't until around Oct. 17th. My doctor's office came up w/ a due date in mid-June based on my LMP, but changed it to July 10th when the u/s showed that my temp charting dates were right). Anyway, if she got a +, it's almost certain she's pregnant... and others have said, it is also very unlikely that it would take her hormones that long to show up. Hopefully her doctor will do an u/s and come up with an accurate due date. Best wishes to your friend!


dot - February 6

with my first baby I skipped my periods in november and did not show pregnant on any test (did alot of them...) went to docs in Jan (cause if i aint preggers then something is wrong) I ended up being 4 weeks pregnant in middle jan so... the docs was even convinced that my due date would be august... until we did a scan/blood



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