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apple - June 1

Well this is kind of an akward question for me to ask, but thats what the forum is for, right? Anyways,ok, is it normal for one breat to grow bigger than the other, and i know that a little uneven is normal, i mean like a cup size or two bigger. I'm 18 weeks weeks pregnant and while one has grown, the other hasnt and its really unflattering, mostly to me but still. This didnt happen so badly with my first, the same one was bigger, but not this big of a difference. None of my bras fit properly and i feel so unattractive and all these pregnancy hormones are screwing with me and i'm really just having a hard time.


apple - June 1

*b___st, sorry


Saird - June 2

Well I shouldn't answer...mine never grow at all..and I mean seriously I could use some more...haha. I don't know what to tell ya, but I can sympathize that these pregnancy hormones are enough to put you over the edge. I think we all have weird problems these days.


Bilmes123 - June 7

I'm having the same issue....makes me mad lol. none of my bras fit right...though I'm the only one who notices the difference between the two it bothers me so much!


ejmeskan - June 7

Ugh Apple I am with you girl! I would say I am an A on my right and at least a C on my left...I produced at LEAST 2 more oz of milk on the left size with my son. I can't say they have gotten worse with this one but certainly doesn't look pretty! I am with you just wish i could say somethign to make you feel better!


Bilmes123 - June 8

Well it seems like the other one caught up now lol so im happy.


apple - June 12

At least I know i'm not alone, my boyfriend says it doesnt bother him but he said he definitly sees, and feels a major difference. I'm so mad, and really there's nothing i can do about it! Thanks for responding girls, i at least feel a little better.


dani. - June 14

my left is definantly bigger than the right! Its always been like that, but is much worse now that im pregnant, but ive become comfortable with my body and know that the hormones are temporary so i can just joke about it. I told my boyfriend i named them Jenna and Jameson and that i know he likes Jenna better but dont leave Jameson out, she gets jelous.lol stupid, i know, but then he reasures me and jokes with me, and it ends up turning us both on.



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