Keaton Or Riley

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Bean - December 14

Im having a boy which name is better ? Im open to other suggestions for names too, I want a name that is not an everyday name and Im at a wall so any help would be great.


natalie - December 14

LOVE the name Keaton!!


Ashley Marie - December 14

How about Keaton Riley! OR Riley Keaton! Both names are great!


Katie - December 15

Keaton--Riley is a lot more common and trendy.


to bean - December 15

neither, sorry don't have any other suggestions, but I don't like either of those names. Then again, it's your baby, not mine.


to bean - December 15

hi i am having twin girls, and one of there names is Ryleigh, i personally like it better for a girl... But I like Keaton, my sons name is Jakub,, good luck with it :)


Pete - December 15

maybe Darton?? or Dalziel?? what do u think bean?


jrjd - December 15

I like Keaton if you have a shorter last name, Riley if you have a longer last name.........


Katie - December 15

I like them both I want to name my child riley but my sister named her dog that and so I dont think I can do it now. But I like Keaton Riley or the other way around:)


Tess - December 15



Ba8y6irl - December 15

I like Riley thats what I am naming my son, If its a boy :)


lisa - December 15

hi bean, i had a girl but one of the names we liked for a boy was keaton, the only thing that put me of is that it sounds a bit like kitten, and i wouldnt want a boy being teased for that, we called our daughter Jasmin


nd - December 15

hate keaton like riley


Julia - December 15

LOVE Keaton


N - December 15

I love Riley, but then I'm biased because that's my 15 month old son's name. Hate Keaton, reminds me too much of Family in Alex Is anyone else on here old enough to remember that?


Bean - December 15

Thanks everyone for giving me advice, Its hard picking a name, it seems like this little one will never get one. I was talking to my bf today and I thought of Cian. Its pernounced Kee+an. What do you think?


To Bean - December 15

I agree, I like Riley! And you don't hear it often!



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