Keep The Name A Secret

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Jen01 - May 23

Has anyone thought about keeping the name a secret? I know I will have to tell people what it is if I am able to find out but I feel like some things should be private. I've thought about keeping the name a secret between DH and myself.


mcatherine - May 23

Absolutely - not one single person will know other than myself and my husband until our son pops out screaming! If you get frustrated and need to tell someone, spill it on here - no one knows who you are!! I think it's a great idea, especially if everyone knows before hand if it's a boy or a girl.


Mingill - May 23

I think it's a lovely idea, it's something special between you and DH. We went the opposite, we've told the names, but we aren't finding out boy or girl. I like the idea of a surprise one way or the other.


new mommy - May 23

We are not going to tell for a few reasons. We don't want everyones two cents about our name. They can't really insult the name if you have already named your baby. I don't want to be influenced in the decision. And I didn't want to tell in case we change our mind.


Chrissythefairy - May 23

i agree with keeping it a secret because people always wana put their 2 cents in about the name like "why that name" or "Oh i know someone with that name", i try to keep it secret but i suck at it ive been telling people but i tell them various names we have chosen for him i dont tell them that we chose 1 and the one we chose


Jen01 - May 23

I'm sure I'll suck at it too, but I'm going to give it a shot.


ITSABOY - May 23

I have told everyone the name of our baby but i wish i would not have bc everyone has their opininon on whether or not they like it.For example when dh and i told his mom we were naming our son tyson she said well i will just call him what i want too.My sister in law said oh like mike tyson or tysons chicken.It hurt my feelings so bad but i did not say anything bc well you know!Does anyone else have this problem with their inlaws?


CaliTrish - May 23

One of the books I read also suggested keeping the name a secret, amongst the many good reasons already listed above, it will keep it special. Everyone will be excited about the miracle that took place instead of "Billy is finally here". (The book explained it better.) It's not going to be easy, though, especially if you tell people the s_x. I was doing good with "we haven't decided on a name for our little boy yet" when I got hit with "what names are you considering?" Course, she proceeded to say which she liked and which she didn't. Starting to wonder if we should have kept the s_x to ourselves as well. Oh well.


AppleCake - May 23

With my last pregnancy we told everyone that we were having 2 girls, but kept the names secret. It was hard at times, especially as they were named at 22 weeks! This time I thought we could either come right out and tell the s_x and name- or keep quiet about the whole thing. We chose to keep quiet, which is good seeing as we cannot be sure on the s_x, and keep changing our minds over names!


venus_in_scorpio - May 23

I would say so because everyone has an opinion about the names but if you just send them pictures with the name after the fact you'll hear "wow that really siuts him/her!" from those same people who would tell you the name was silly beforehand you know what I mean?


flower.momma - May 23

I kept my daughter's name a secret, because when I was telling people the names my DH and I were thinking of, everyone said that they didn't like the one that we had our hearts set on. I just had this feeling towards the end that the name really represented the soul of the tiny person growing inside of me. So when our little Poppy Soleil was born, and everyone saw how much the name fit her sunny personality, they said that they liked it after all. Now that she has grown, it is the only name that I can see her with. Even strangers, when I tell them her name say, Ooooh, that is so her.


Leilani14 - May 24

We are keeping it secret too. I discused some girl name with my MIL and I didn't like her sugestions, but DH did. It was early and we didn't know if it is boy or a girl. When we found out it is a boy DH and I started to talk about name and we agreed on one, but I asked him to keep it a secret because I don't want to deal with influences from any of grandparents. So now all grendparends to be are so courious, and constantly askin, but we are not telling.


venus_in_scorpio - May 24

my husbands grandmother raised him so shes like my MIL and she hates everything i pick out and disagrees with everything from day 1. I said "ill bet its a boy" so of course she tells me its a girl, then she tells me all th name i like will cause emotional damage to the kid. so f*it, were not telling anyone because what can they say after the baby is already born. how rude is that anyways to tell someone you dont like the name they picked??? friends of mine just had a baby and i didnt like the name they picked but you have to think of cultural differences too... i would never be like "that isnt a good name" because WTF! some peole have no manners! esp. MIL's. HA


Tanya2 - May 24

I didn't tell anyone the name for my first baby, just my best friend and that too was in the 9th month. My best friend is really cool and never has anything negative to say. But we didn't tell family and the same will be for this pregnancy. We are having a boy as well, haven't decieded on a name yet or should i say can't decide on a name, but when we do we are not telling anyone, especially my husband's family who love to put their two cents in. They were even not happy with my daugther's name and have made comments uptil now (she is 8 months), reason being her name is very similar to mine and they are just jealous. They want everything to be their way. When i was almoast due my SIL even told me that she had a horrible dream and in that dream the baby came out looking exactly like me. And she was convinced that my daughter would look just like her (she does look like my husband), but my daughter does look like me and they are not happy about that. I once told her, you want someone to look like you, you better have your own kids. I know that was mean but hey. If you have a loving supportive family and friends it it wonderful to share but if you know you will get negative comments it is better to keep the name a secret.


Gem - May 25

Yes that is what we are doing so that it is more of a surprise when you tell people. I think it isn't as exiting if people already know the s_x and the name. Also then nobody can tell you that they dislike your name and change your mind.


AmyF - May 31

OH HONEY- we're going through the same drama. I'm not telling anyone. My mom bashed DH's family name and I'm over it. It really made me mad. Of course, I have people who are absolutely appalled we haven't decided on a name yet and others who are understanding. I mean, who cares what name I give him- it's not like most of these people who have their nasty comments are even close to me and the ones who are - well they'll just have to wait :) All I hear now from DH family is what the name is going to be. Eesh.


Jen01 - May 31

You girls have almost convinced me that keeping it to ourselves is the best thing. I do have one of those grandmother-in-laws that doesn't like anything I do. This will eat her up!



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