Keeping Things Interesting Areola Mutation

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Amara - May 10

*gazing in the mirror I wonder, what the heck happened to my cute br___ts* My Areolas have grown the the size of a face cream cover! Have yours? *wonders if I can have an areola reduction after*


Jbear - May 12

they shrink somewhat least mine did...but they're much bigger this 2nd pregnancy than ever husband says they're the size of saucers


Jodie - May 12

I dont remember mine getting bigger with my first 2 kids but i caught a glimpse of them getting into the show a few weeks ago and freeked out, they are bloody HUGE and so dark, but i must add after b___st feeding 2 kids my b___bs are finally firm again, who needs implants :)


Amara - May 12

Jodie, does b___st feeding help them get firm again? *dreaming*


Jodie - May 12

no amara unfortunately it doesnt, although once your milk comes in your b___bs become huge and hard but once b___st feeding is finished they become saggy, but now that im preggers again theyre finally firm again


Nikki - September 13

My areolas are still huge. and my son is 3 months old,,, thinking of getting areola reconstructive surgery,,,theyre huge! and dark!


Mandi - September 14

I have had large areola my entire life....or atleast since puberty. It can be rather embarra__sing, but I have found that most men find it attractive (imagine that). I have large nipples and hence much larger areola. Now that I am pregnant, my areola have darkened significantly, but fortunately they have not enlarged...otherwise I would have no b___st left just a giant areola (LOL). Best of luck to all.


Sarah - September 14

Hi Girls, Mandi ur post made me laugh. I too have had big areolas for as long as I can remember. They didnt grow too much with my last pregnancy, and they shrunk again after, but with this one they have started to get bigger and my nipples are like sooo huge right now! Im 16 wks and 5 days so I still have room to grow (hell im gonna scare that baby come feeding time!) How far along are you?


Ashley - September 14

Lol, I have no idea how my bb's compare to anyone else's - I've just always thought them on the smaller side (barely B). According to my dh (who seems to greatly enjoy all these strange mutations happening to me), my areolas are now larger than a silver dollar . . . you have any idea how COLD a silver dollar is??? *giggle*


Sarah - September 14

Ashley, being as im from UK im afraid i've no idea how big a silver dollar is!? lol, but I think most ppls areolas are in proportion with the size of their b___bies. Just for a laugh, are their any ladies out their who have big b___bies (natural ones) and small areolas or even funnier would be visa versa........... Its like eggs, its better to have more white than yolk!.


YC - September 14

Hi Ladies- Mandi I feel your pain. I have been large chested with large areolas since jr. high. It's funny that you mention that most men find it attractive, I have come across the same thing though I have always been so self concious about it. Ok, here's my situation ladies...the left one stayed the same size but the right one is much much bigger. Go firgure. I asked the doctor but she said it is just one of the joys of pregnancy. Thanks for the posting Amara, it's always nice to hear that others have the same questions I do but am to shy to ask ha!ha!



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