Kegel Exercise

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Bee - November 10

Do any of you ladies do this?? I tried it today and it was a little different. I wonder if it really works or not. Any impute??


Jo - November 11

I'm curious to know too if they work. I never remember to do them!


KFish - November 11

they work. You should do them. It helps keep the pelvic wall strong.


LG - November 11

I just started my birthing prep cla__ses and the teacher said that the kegel's help with the actual labor and with recovery.. Its hard to remember to do!!


Amber - November 11

Another plus to Kegels is you can make s_x better for you and your partner. Tighter muscles means tighter entry, and more stimulation for both of you! Im sure that they can help get your v____a back into good shape afterwards and control the pushing of the baby.


B - November 11

At my childbirth cla__s she suggested doing 15 per day. She said you can even spread them out to 5 in the am 5 at lunch and 5 at dinner. I say anything that may help is worth during!


Kegel gal - November 11

Definitely worth it. Childbirth can wreck havoc down there..!! If you want to avoid stress incontinence later..peeing on accident when coughing, sneezing, them!! And as someone said, also improves your s_x life, the big 'o' and all...Kegel on ladies..


Ashley - November 11

My sis in law started telling me stories about how she would laugh or sneeze and pee herself. She's like, "Just you wait". They are soooo hard to remember but I don't want to reach this point - at least not at 26 weeks! ;) So I try to remember.


Lisa D - November 18

I admit I am not doing them daily but YES I believe they help. I have lots of friends who have had kids and from them and everything I have read, and cla__ses I have attended, it is highly encouraged to do 50+ per day. Good luck, I need to step up and do them too, but hope you can remember I'm confident it will help.



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