Kerri How Are You

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Trish - August 5

Kerri, You have been in my thoughts all day...I wanted to see if you were ok... Trish


Kerri - August 5

Hi Trish, Thank you so very much for thinking of me and the worry is not over yet. I have to go get an amniocentisis done on Tuesday and in case anyone ever asks the cut off to have an amniocentisis done is 20 weeks which is what I will be next week. I'm really worried that I have to get it done but based on my husband and myself and the ob's talk today which he is really wonderful he said based on the blood test it would be a good idea to have it done. I have a 1 in 190 chance that the baby will have Down's Syndrome and if the test shows that it does then we will have to make the decision whether or not to terminate the pregnancy. Its one of the hardest things that I have ever had to think about plus with the fact that if the amniocentisis is done wrong I could also miscarry. What the procedure is to stick a long needle in your lower stomach through the uterus and into the baby's amniotic sac to get a sample and if its not done right and they go too far with the needle then the baby's membrane could be ruptured and miscarry but I'm praying that will not be the case so now I still have to wait till Tuesday to have the procedure done and then another week for the results but I could maybe have them by Friday. I unfortunately don't have any time left to think it over but I feel confident that I will know for sure if something is wrong and just pray everything is done right. They also give you a local freezing so you won't feel the needle and the ob said the discomfort level is very minimal to have the amnio done. So I will keep in touch and let you know what happens. Thanks again for thinking of me.


Trish - August 5

Kerri, I will pray for you all during this time. I am so sorry. Waiting for the results is sometimes the worst. I too went through something similar but didn't have to get the amino, I was a reck and crying everyday. It turns out the baby is fine, we just have a chubby baby. My husband and I realized at that moment that this is the first of many times that we will worry about our child, heck my mom still worries about me! Please keep me posted, here is my email address please feel free to write there too. [email protected] Take care


Kerri - August 8

Hi Trish, I got the call from my ob's office this morning and I will be going for the amnio tomorrow at 8:15 a.m. I agree its been a long weekend but I will be glad when today is over so I can get the test done and overwith. I will admit that I'm very nervous but the whole procedure from what I was told on Friday is only about a minute long so that is not bad. I will admit I was a mess on Friday cause since this is our first one I definitely don't want anything to happen but I will let you know as soon as I get back. Take care and I will keep in touch and I'm so relieved that everything is good for you.



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