Kerri How Are You Doing

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Trish - August 11

Hi Kerri, Been thinking about you and bambino this week...I am sure you have been resting. Let us know how you are. Trish


Kerri - August 11

Hi Trish, Thanks for thinking of me. Sorry I couldn't get back sooner as I stayed at my Mom's for two days as you have to be totally off your feet for 48 hours after the amnio was done. Everything went very well and the fluid that he took was no where near the baby. It was such a relief. The doctor found a large fluid cushion above the baby and I could see the needle on the ultrasound screen which was not even close to where the baby was laying and he told me that the baby never even moved while he was taking the fluid. I'm still sore today and can't bend and have had some pain under my right rib cage but I was so worked up and nervous about getting the procedure done and it wasn't any worse than getting blood work done so now is the wait for the result which I should hopefully know by the end of next week. I saw the baby and it sure has grown alot since I had my last ultrasound it was all curled up and we could see the heartbeat and it was looking right at us. I sure hope nothing is wrong cause I would just die if something was up but so far the doctor who did the amnio and my ob seems to think that everything should be fine so I'll be praying until next week but I will keep in touch with you more later but outside of still a little discomfort looks like were both doing well. Hope everything is good for you too!!


Trish - August 11

Kerri, It's so nice to hear that you are both doing well...despite having to wait for results. Bambino and I are doing well too, starting to feel a lot more movement which is kinda weird but cool at the same time. Where are you from by the way. We live in Ohio. Keep me posted and take care of yourself...continue to rest. Trish


Rosi - August 11

Hi, just wanted to share my experience with you ladies. We had to have an amnio done 10 days ago becuase the level II ultrasound found 2 markers for Downs. So even though the AFP blood test came back normal now we got a 1\50 chance for Downs. Obviously my husband and I were freaked out at the doctors office. We got to see a genetic counselor right away and she kinda "pushed" a bit for the amnio. Obviously it was up to us but she a__sured us it was pretty safe. So without thinking about it much (wasn't much time since everything happened so fast) we went ahead and got the Amnio done right away. This all happened within the span of about an hour so it was really confusing. Well, we're happy to say that today I called my doctor and got back the results and everything is normal. We do still have the issue of the 2 markers they found but I'm sure they will resulve themselves. In case you're interested the two markers were an Ecogenetic Foci and a small Atrial Septal Defect (hole in heart between the two Atrial chambers). From what I've read, the hole will either close before birth or within a couple years with no ill effects. If it doesn't close completely there is a fairly simple procedure to block it. Good luck ladies, We have had the absolute worse 10 days in our lives waiting for these results. We feared the worst but things turned out o.k.


Alaina - August 11

Keeri I'm glad you wrote in Ive been praying for you everynight.I think everything will be fine, I no this must be soo hard on you, My heart goes out to you, I'll continue to pray for you and the baby, keep us posted


Kerri - August 12

Hi ladies, I live in a small town called Tilbury in Ontario, Canada which is about 40 minutes from Detroit and I have relatives that live in Toledo, Ohio so they may not be very far from where you live Trish. I will definitely keep you posted and the wait is the worst thing to find out. I'm still a little tender today but can bend a little more than yesterday. I won't be doing any vacuuming or much chores this weekend until next week just to make sure but I sure have ballooned out the last few days. I was in the same boat as Rosi and I'm glad that you told me your experience as I was the same way. I also spoke to a Genetic counsellor and they were not really impressed that my doctor didn't send my to an ob until about week 17. My ob was the one who offered to see if I wanted to get the blood test done to check for Down's etc and by the time I got the results from that which was last Thursday and then Friday I had to go in to the ob's office to see what I had to do next and then by that time I had to go Tuesday since I'm 20 weeks today and the cut off point to have an amnio done is 20 weeks so I was really pushed for time as well. We had basically only 1/2 hour to decide if we want the amnio done and then had to go right away and I hope the end result will be the same that everything is fine but I will know Tuesday for sure and I'm glad that everything will work out for you and to Alaina thanks for the prayers. I sure have been doing my share of praying the last few weeks but both the doctor who did the amnio and my ob seems to think that everything is fine and did the amnio as a precaution but I feel very relieved to have things checked out as if there are any problems, they will definitely show up from doing the amnio as opposed to the blood test and I will keep everyone posted as soon as I hear any news and I'm glad many people posted prayers and stories about their experiences as it helps others who have any questions. Talk to you all again soon and take care!!


bump - August 15



Kerri - August 17

Hi Trish, Rosi,Alaina, Just keeping up to date. So far no word yet on the results of the amnio but hoping to hear either Friday or early next week. The wait is the worst part and I called my ob's office to confirm the appointment I have on Tuesday for an ultrasound so if I don't hear before then then hopefully Tuesday. The told me that the doctor who did the procedure would be the one who calls so anyhow I'm just waiting it out but I feel pretty good but I think that the baby has moved because I'm getting a little discomfort under my right rib but I sure did pop out a few days after I had the amnio done so I know the baby is growing well. But as soon as I find out I will let you know and hope all is well with everybody.


Trish - August 17

Hi Kerri, Glad to hear from've been in my thoughts, I will continue to pray for you and your family during this time. I feel like I have popped even more too. Feeling good other than the swollen ankles and feet some days and I still get really tired on certain days. Any who for the most part no complaints. Keep us posted and take care of yourself.


Bump - August 22



Kerri - August 22

Hi everyone, Well still awaiting news but I called on Friday to see if any results are in and nothing yet. I have to go for my week 22 ultrasound Tuesday so I will be asking tomorrow what's going on. Its so frustrating for the wait but then again no news is good news. Feeling pretty good right now and I always get super excited when going for an ultrasound since that's when you notice so many further changes which I'm sure there will be especially since I had the amnio done so I will let everyone know tomorrow hopefully with good news!! Hope everything is well with everyone else!!


Alaina - August 23

Kerri hope your ultra goes well I keep on praying for you, I would also think they could pick up anything that may be wrong with the baby at the ultra mabey thats what their waiting for.Please let us know take care


Kerri - August 24

Well I have good news but not any from the amnio yet. I had my 21 week ultrasound yesterday and saw that the heart ventricles, kidney and bladder, ten fingers, ten toes, spine looked good and that everything was functioning the way it should be and the baby weighed 1.2 pounds according to the measurements they did. Its still though a little frustrating not knowing yet for sure the result but I'm very hopeful that everything is O.K. I've got a real little mover in there as it has been moving more and more the last few days which is great. I will either call today or tomorrow to see if any results came in yet so I'll have to keep everyone posted still but I really thank all of you who responded to my post and if I can help someone else I gladly will. So I'll still keep in touch but the ultrasound went great!!!


Kerri - August 24

Congrats on the ultrasound. Aren't they amazing! The waiting is so hard but hang in there. I remember last month it was the longest two weeks of my life! I finally had to break down and call. Sounds like things are going really well! You and baby are in my prayers. Are you going to find out what you are having? You know the amnio is 100% conclusive on the gender. No guessing!


Trish - August 24

Oh Kerri, how exciting and I am so happy to hear that things looked good! Keep us posted! Isn't it fun feeling the baby move around, just the other morning I felt the bambino push out and I pushed back and then he/she pushed back, it was really funny! I can't wait till my hubby can feel it :-) Keep us posted and take care.


YC - August 24

Im sorry, the post before Trish "Congrats on the ultrasound" is to Kerri from YC. I apologize for the mixup.


Kerri - August 25

Hi all, I'm doin the biggest dance right now as of 2:30 today I found out that the test came back negative and there is no chromosonal abnormalities so now I can totally relax for the rest of my pregnancy and my hubby was so excited that everything is O.K. I could hear him just about leap on phone when he called from work!!! It is such a relief and now feeling the baby move so much the last few days really means alot but I would still like to keep in touch with everyone to see how you are all doing so no more worrying! I haven't got a chance to tell my parents yet as they aren't home but I know they will be thrilled to hear the news but my only concern is now for my supervisor. Rhonda is expecting two months after I'am and she started spotting and cramping today so I would like everyone to please say a prayer for her and I truly hope that everything goes O.K. for her as well I know that is just as scary but she told me she spotted for her first son but because she is early makes me concerned. But anyhow glad to hear everyone else is doing great and let's once again keep in touch!!



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