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seanandmya - January 15

I'm just wondering if any of you ladies who are feeling baby move are keeping a kick chart , Ive been feeling proper kicks since 16 weeks and dh felt the baby kick last night , I was just wondering if I should be worried if I don't feel the baby move everyday or is it too early to be feeling regular movement ( this is my third baby , you think i'd know the answer to most of these questions by now ! ) I am 18 weeks now by the way :D


aliciavr6 - January 15

hi seanandmya, i JUST started feeling kicks this past weekend, saturday morning, first one at 18w1d and every few hours since. i didnt feel anything up until that, and i hear not to worry if they arent everyday until 24 weeks.


Tammy276 - January 15

doctors say not to expect to feel everyday movement until around 24 - 26 weeks and they don't actually have you start doing kick counts until 28 weeks. Good luck


jessica72 - January 15

I probably will start keeping one at around 28weeks. I'm 24 weeks now and am sort of doing a mental kick chart, mostly tracking when she is most active which is starting to regulate. Mostly her movements are still erratic, but there are times of days and activities in which I can expect her to release her tirade on me.


SaraH - January 15

No I haven't been keeping a chart, however, I make sure everyday that I'm feeling him/her move (I'm 28.5w). I just sit down a wait and baby is a squirmer so all it takes normally is a couple minutes of me paying attention and I'll feel movement. Typically I don't even bother counting the whole "10 movements in 2 hours" thing, b/c the baby moves so much that normally w/in 5-10 minutes I've felt 10+ movements so...I just make sure baby is alive and active and I don't worry about the actual chart or number of movements as I know the number is way way above what they say is needed. Also at 18w you shouldn't worry about not feeling it from time to time, as he/she is still small enough where you probably wont feel them if they are kicking towards or back or such.



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