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Lindi - February 7

When should one start with kick counts and how does it work? I am currently 23 weeks. Some days it seems like my little one is very quiet while other days I feel her all the time.


^lucy^ - February 7

i never heard of kick counts actually so i might benefit from ur question as well,, but my baby also is quite some days and in other days she's kicking the whole time constantly..Lindi, is she ur first? :)


Lindi - February 7

Yes, this is my first. I am so excited, but have so much to learn!!!! How far are you along Lucy?


LOU - February 7

I am 26 weeks and first time mum - I too panicked when I never felt baby for two days - last week I phoned midwife and went to get heart monitor done for baby - everything was fine -there was a noise on the monitor and she said that noise is baby moving and I never felt a thing!! - so you may not be feeling baby as strong as some kicks that you defo. feel - they seemed to understand - that we would worry with this being our first time but said I was right to phone - they gave me kick chart to count - they say as long as you feel up to 10 kicks in one day - ranging from first thing till say 9pm. Since then baby seems to have gone - made - kicking all the time!!! gave baby first row !!! - and not to frighten me again Take care of yourselves xx


^lucy^ - February 7

Hi Lindi,, its our first too!! she's a baby girl and we can't wait to meet her :) im gonna be 25 weeks tomorrow,, YAY!! when i think that 30 weeks is approaching so fast i feel like YES my maternity leave is coming soon *LOL* but then i'm gonna work until im 37 weeks.. im due May 24th :) LOU-- thanx for the info i'll keep counting her kicks but i have an active girl inside there so it's kinda hard to count them, i'll give it a try one day and see until what number we'll reach :P


firsttimemommy - February 7

lucy, I am due may 25th i will be 25 weeks on thursday, having a girl my first baby. I will be 35 feb 17th so she will be my only child .


firsttimemommy - February 7

oh and she kicks daily all day never a break.


jas - February 7

Kick counts are recommended by some doctors and don't start until around or after your 28th week as anything before that is not consistant....


Leanne - February 8

I'm 25 weeks and sometimes the baby's really active and some days quiet. Both yesterday and today were pretty quiet. I feel the baby here and there but not as often as other days. Hours will pa__s by before I feel anything. It's kind of scary but I'm trying not to be so paranoid.


Chan - February 10

With my first baby, my doctor said to start kick counts at 36 weeks. I r=think you are suppossed to feel 10 movements every few hours?? I can't remember, but my friends friend had a very healthy pregnancy, and when she was about 38 weeks she noticed no movements for awhile so she went to the doctors, and they had to do an emergancy Csection, and they baby had some brain damage. They were not sure why this happend, but it is very important to do kick counts.



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