Kicked In The Stomach

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babyabs - April 10

I am a little over 17 weeks pregnant and this morning my 2 year old kicked me in the stomach while I was putting her shoes on. It was not too, too hard, but hard enough that I felt it, you know? I am just wondering if this sort of thing can hurt the baby. Anyone know or asked their doctor? The baby has been moving some, and moved last night, so I am ready to feel it again so that I know every thing is fine. Thanks!!


livdea - April 10

I would think you're is pretty protected in there. Keep an "eye" out for movement but I wouldn't be too concerned. If you need to put your mind at ease, I'd call the dr and explain what happened and see what he thinks of it!! Good luck!


Chrissythefairy - April 10

I baby sit a 2 year old and everytime i change his diper his feet go to kick me in the tummy, i tell him "dont kick your cousin", i really wouldnt worrie about it though, like livdea said its pretty protected in there.


iakram - April 10

Hi babyabs - I think you should be okay My son decided to play catch when i wasn't really looking and dropped his hard ball on my belly...which hurt, but i think baby's are cushioned pretty good with the amniotic fluid which protects them.


lizzywojo - April 10

my doc told me because of the amniotic sac and everything else u can take a hit pretty hard so i think ur ok i love the feelings of movements


HannahBaby - April 11

my daughter kicks me in the stomache on a regular basis (shes only 15 months so what else can i do then tell her "no we dont kick" ) She does it to be funny it doesnt hurt or anything. Im pretty sure youll be ok. I fell down the stairs at 20 weeks and i was fine. Good luck


falafal0 - April 11

As with the other posts, I too think baby will be fine. I've known of other cases where the woman has had nasty falls straight onto the stomach, and has still had a healthy baby (only one known case through me luckily!...). My little three year old too bangs her head against my stomach while leaning on it and too has kicked me while dressing or playing. I'm 21 weeks, and think it's ok - the shocks are taken by the fluid. As fragile as they are, they are also hardy...



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