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em - May 23

I'm 6 months. Is anyone else getting continuous really strong movement. This is my first so I have nothing to compare it to, but she seems really over active!


ireland - May 23

I'm also @ six months with my first and am feeling a lot of movement. isn't it the coolest feeling ever??


jojo - May 23

I'm going through the same thing. I will be 6 months next week and my baby is very active!!! I thought that something may be wrong but everyone keeps telling me the more movement the better.


Celia - May 23

I'm at 19 weeks... and i've been feeling movement quite consistantly. Normally at night and during church. :) The lil baby loves to be in church! I'm hoping it picks up though. I know i can feel it swimmin laps in there, but i love and cherish the little kicks so much :)


Babygirls1st - May 23

Im 6mos and I feel lots of movement everyday...Celia my baby loves church too:)


mis - June 13

I am almost 25 weeks. My baby is the same way...I mainly think it is because now that we know what it is we pay it more attention and notice it more...


Jodie - June 13

Im 19 weeks and my lil boy is extremely active, sometimes it actually hurts when he kicks. Just enjoy it, its better than feeling no movement at all


Jessica - June 13

I am going to be 6 months next week and Brady moves like crazy. I LOVE it. It is so rea__suring. I also love my rented doppler. I love to hear his heart beat.


Cora - June 13

I am 22 weeks, and mine moves alot. And as Jessica stated it sometimes kicks so hard it hurts and makes me jump. Like to night we were at the movie theater and he/she let out when hell of a kick, it made me grab my fiances knee it hurt and startled me so much.


Cora - June 13

Pardon Jodie, not Jessica. I also love my rented doppler, isnt it great Jessica?


Suzy - June 28

I'm at 18 weeks and have been feeling like this baby is swimming laps for that last 2 weeks! The doctor always puts you off saying there's no way you could feel anything yet, but this is my third, I know what I am feeling!



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