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sass - August 22

I am almost 6 months pregnant, and just last night I felt a bunch of (I guess) kicks. Some were strong, and some were light, and sometimes I could see my stomach rise when id feel the kick. It only did it on one side, and sometimes it was pretty fast little thumps. Could this be my baby? I am not sure how fast a baby should kick, and where. This was on my left side, and kinda near my ribs, and in the lower half of my stomach. Thanks for any input!


Jenny - August 22

I am almost 6 mts too and I think I just started to feel the baby moving around. Everyone says it is like a flutter but I call them little twitches. Mine have not been really strong but enougt for me to notice. I think it is your baby moving and it is very exciting. I was so happy last week when I felt it. Last night I felt a little flutter and I tapped on my side of my tummy for a bit and she would kick back. I think I made her mad becuase one was a real good one. My tummy moved. It was the first time I have felt that. I am so excited to feel her more and more. Good luck!


Patience - August 22

Yep definately sounds like kicks to me. At 20 weeks, when I lie down on my back in bed, and watch my belly, I can see it move and kick out sometimes when the baby kicks. In fact my lil one hasn't stopped kicking since 8 am this morning. I wish he would go to sleep!


mm - August 22

My babe kicks me somewhere low that stings. Anybody else? Could this be my cervix getting ready so early (22 wks)?


Selena - August 22

My little girl has been kicking me for the last 3 weeks non stop! I am now 21 weeks and the kicks are strong enough to be seen and felt by my husband. Sometimes when she shifts position she will kick really low and yes it kind of stings when she hits my cervix. I will take all the kicks in the world though just to know she is still moving and growing in there!


Raychel - August 22

Yall are so lucky! I'll be 21 weeks this week and I aint felt her yet. I'm starting to get a lil worried. But hopefully she'll start moving around. Maybe she's lazy like her daddy.


mm - August 22

No kidding Selena, its way worth it. Thanks for making me feel better!



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