Killer Backache

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BeccaBaby1 - October 15

Ouch! My back has been killing me all day and it has now caused my head to throb, so... no sleep for me! Is anyone else experiencing this too? What helps?


Astra - October 15

Hi Becca, I had a mean backache a few days ago. For me just shifting position was helpful. I couldn't sit for a while, just lie down on my side. I find these days that I can't be on my feet for a long time without sitting down. on the day I had the backache I was walking around shopping with family so that might have caused it. I hope your backache subsides.


corbin289 - October 15

I had really bad back pain here and there and for me I figured out it was when I wore heels. It didnt bother me when I was wearing them but the next day it would hurt to walk. Heat, having dh give me a back rub or a soak in the tub worked well for me.


jennifer_33106 - October 15

Hey there! If nothing else works you could also try using a heating pad on low setting for NO MORE then 15 minutes. Also you can take Tylenol which may help a lil bit. Awe hope you feel better soon!!!


tish212 - October 15

I find that a hot bath helps...of course u can't stay in very long..and then laying down on my side...sitting too long gives me a backache... hope u find relieft


jujubee0228 - October 16

Yes, I've had those back pains too....mine have lasted for weeks. I think it's because of the new sleeping position. We can no longer sleep on our stomachs or backs. I'm simply not used to sleeping one certain way. Anyone got a cure for that??


wantanotheraftertr - October 16

Chiropractor! I am in tri 3 with 9 weeks left and have suffered back pain from 15 weeks on. I have tryed a maternity belt which I wear only on days I have to work ( am a hairstylist) and I tryed ma__sage (still get one on bad days) and last I tryed the chiropractor this was the best thing I ever did. My hips are always out which in turn throws the back out. I see him 2 times a week and back pain is virtually gone. Some insurances cover you so check it out. I also have a rice bag rather than a heating pad I throw it in the microwave and then it molds nicely to my back and the heat never gets to hot so I can use it for longer periods of time. Good luck to you all and hope this helps some!


BeccaBaby1 - October 16

Thanks for the input everyone. I've bugged the husb for a back rub a couple of times and that helps a lot. I've also got a chiro appt tomorrow - yippee! I agree jujubee that part of the prob is no back sleeping, it's killing me!



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