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Newhoneybuns - June 13

Well here is my "dilema" and what i think it comes from. I have crohn's disease (10 years now) and cause of that for the last 10 years i been gaining lots of weight and losing lots in shot period of time. Like in 6 months i could go from 250 pounds to 110 pounds or the opposite. Before i got pregnant i was at about 170 pounds or so ( last summer at around 140 pounds) So anyways now i'm 182 pounds but i dont think it really shows that i'm pregnant cause it looks like i have 2 bellies it's so ugly. I have a belly below my bellybutton and then there is a line and then another belly upper my bellybutton so i think it's really ugly and i dont want anyone touching my belly or seeing it. Anyone else experienced this ? And will it go away and become 1 round belly? I know it sounds weird but it's kinda making me hate this belly in a way :-(


Trixiedoodle - June 13

Sorry to hear about the Crohn's Newhoneybuns. My brother has it as well & he's allergic to the maintanence drug so he just has to deal with it. Are you on meds during you pregnancy? That would be tough. I don't have an answer to your question, I'm sorry, but I did want to say that I hope you get through your pregnancy without too much difficulty from the disease. Best to you & baby!


Newhoneybuns - June 13

The disease has been on hold for a few years now. I havent taken any medication in 2 almost 3 years. I hope that it doesnt come back and stays this way :-) I wish your brother well and hope he's ok too. Doctors told me if i was to have a break down from the disease while being pregnant they would give me Steroids.


Newhoneybuns - June 14

Nobody has this line in between? :-(


krc - June 14

ive never herd of such a thing. I can somewhat relate to your crohn's disease because I have ulcerative colitis. I haven't had to take medications though since I was 17. But Im trying to imagine what would cause your belly not to look like " one round belly " . First off you didn't say how far along you are and if this is your first baby. My old boss used to have weight issues and until she was about 7 or 8 months her belly didn't look round either. It seemed as though some fat just hung out above her belly b___ton and below creating a line as you call it. When the uterus exands I like to imagine it as being in the shape of a lightbulb and it pushes your colon and small intestine to the sides and in back of you ( i think ). I know you probably want that pretty, round belly but if your having a fairly healthy pregnancy than that is more important. Last month for no apparent reason my colitis decided to flare up and it brought back memories of when I was truly sick. And being 7 months pregnant didn't make it any easier. I was afraid my body was robbing my baby of vital nutrients but everything has turned out to be okay. I know crohn's diseases is much more serious than colitis. Dont worry about your belly, being pregnant is a beautiful thing no matter how you look while pregnant.


Newhoneybuns - June 14

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and yes i know a healthy pregnancy is more important than anything and ithank god everyday for that. Maybe the belly will change in a month or 2. It's just that i hate when people want to touch it or see it :-(


Mingill - June 14

Hi Newhoneybuns, I just posted to you on the 3rd tri board.


jesnewmomagian - June 20

I know what ur taling about and it does go away it's sort of like a roll above your baby pooch right only more rounded? I have been "plus size" my whole life and its hard and u do feel ugly with my sfirst son it went away around twenty weeks and "joined" dont worry as a pregnant woman ur the most beautiul creature in the world and it souns like as a person too take heart noone has a perfect pregnant bump except for maybe movie stars. Hang in there:)



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